Posted by: the daily messenger | March 9, 2020

Were we this panicked about ebola?

The China Syndrome

by Don Bradley

No. It’s not an exaggeration to say that no living human has seen anything remotely close to the response that this virus is getting. Whether or not you believe me, and whether or not they’re going to admit it, around the world each major government is currently prepping for an absolute worst-of-the-worst 30% of humanity dead by 2021, 60% of it dead by 2025. Make absolutely zero mistake. What we are seeing now is the beginning of the end for mankind. 

Wait until you see the world, after this thing is done taking from every home. In every land. When entire family lines, disappear from the gene pool.

People think the virus is bad now? Give it some time. This isn’t something that’s just going to go away or become a non-threat like Ebola eventually became. This is something that will eventually infect every single living human on the planet, something that /cannot be cured/, and something that is similar to herpes in that it will keep coming back weeks/months/years after showing no outward signs.

By 2021, estimates are 70-90% of the human population will have contracted this. By 2022 we’ll start to see the actual long term effects of this. People are excited to make it through the issues now, but when the virus will permanently weaken your body each time it flares up, it’s only a matter of time before an overwhelming majority of us bite the bullet in one way or another. Humanity will be lucky to make it to 2025 with the same lifestyle that we’re living now. 

In fact, life as we all know it, is about to change from what it was, to what it’s going to be, in three years time. People will be overheard to say, “I’m glad pops went in 2020. He didn’t have to go through this terror.”

Whatever that is going to be. And none of us knows yet. No one truly does.

See, the thing is, the panic hasn’t really even hit yet. You got people that are panic buying, but the real fear hasn’t started. The global supplies just stopped last week. Stores and warehouses still have another month or so of supplies. But once that’s out? Once there’s no resupplying? Once the entire world has basically locked itself off from one another in terms of trade? That’s when the panic sets in. That’s when people start to die because they didn’t prep well enough and didn’t store enough food so they literally starve. Until they snap, and become very dangerous.

People think, “I’ve got three months, I’m good.”

Yes you are. That gives you just enough time to beg, borrow, or steal every foodstuff you can get over the summer, because when this bitch reanimates for flu season number two, in the late fall, no one will be ready for the China Syndrome.

Something everyone knows, who watched the raw footage from China in February of 2020, is real, dangerous, and deadly. What we saw in China – 

  • the mass burials, 
  • people shot down on a city road, 
  • entire mega apartments burning to the ground with all their tenets welded shut inside,
  • millions of crows circling the cities,
  • entire buildings filled with corpses, waiting to be burned,
  • all work, construction, retail, manufacturing, et al banned for the duration
  • the endless screams of the survivors, each and every night until dawn.

China is the world, offset by a season or two.

When the world’s governments all agree that the only way to handle it is to do their own version of a China Syndrome, then we all will hear the screams at night. If we are still alive.

And it is we, they are screaming for.

No USA I see. Idiots.


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