Posted by: the daily messenger | March 11, 2020

2nd week march, Italy

500 Dead people, every day, in Lombardy. Still believe those plague numbers the WHO is lying about?

Nurse in Spanish translation: min 1:59 DB

 It is closed, Dad. We can not leave home. Avenues are closed by the military. You can not go out. Currently, about 400 people had died, today alone, from the Veneto area. Every day the numbers increase, We can not leave Venice, we can not go to Rome or anywhere. Everything is closed and we are now isolated, us, Milan and another province. This illness starts with a simple cold, you think it´s nothing, 37.5 C degrees temperature. Then the fever starts rising and a bronchial process starts until it goes to mortal pneumonia. You go to the hospital, they confirm the virus, they install you a mechanical respirator. Currently, we don´t have any more mechanical respirators. What is happening? People are arriving at the hospital and there are no more respirators. The hospital operation is not helping. Outside there is no activity. Everything is closed, gym, movies, theaters, museums, trains, sports activities, schools. Everything is canceled. The only thing opened is the supermarket. Only one person per family can go shopping for groceries. No kids allowed. Masks help if you feel that you are getting a cold, if you sneeze, the virus will get into a surface, then another person touches the surface, touches his/her face and gets infected. When you sneeze use a disposable tissue, not a cloth. If not sneeze and cover your mouth with the elbow interior. Then wash your arm or your clothes. Don´t greet with kisses nor handshake. Distance between individuals has to be 1,5 meters. The only people working are the medical and hospital workers. Don´t go anywhere where there are many people. This virus is killing people Dad. Take care. We sanitary people know the risk. In China, they are using robotic nurses because this is highly contagious. Don´t go on the bus or any public transport. Don´t attend gatherings. Over here weddings, religious gatherings, funerals, have been canceled. We don´t have much space for dead bodies now. Listen to me, father. I can not leave the country if you get sick or any of my siblings. I can´t even go to Padua or Verona. We can not drive. This is serious. Peru looks like it´s taking it lightly. Don´t go anywhere. Anywhere for a while. This is a crisis. Beware. Take care.

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