Posted by: the daily messenger | March 11, 2020

Blocked by…EVERYBODY

Too much truth.

Trying to download videos or upload them, browser crashes. Works fine the rest of the time. Doesn’t matter the site or the country. It’s the same thing.

Controlling the narrative, by shutting me up.

That’s one way to do it.

Screw Wikipedia – that crap can say whatever some satanic propagandist wants it to say. This is why I keep paper books, because in fifty years, they have not changed, been edited for political correctness or other revisionist historical crap reasons. Since it’s my copy, I grant you permission to read the following: the following excerpt is reprinted from the Encyclopedia Britannica, 1958:

On the other hand, there is usually an increased mortality from complications
such as pneumonia, and excess mortality among patients with cardiac or other
debilitating disease, especially at ages over 50 years. The 1918 epidemic was the
most destructive in history; in fact it ranks with the plague of Justinian and the
Black Death as one of the severest holocausts of disease ever encountered. It
was estimated by E.O. Jordan that more than 200,000,000 persons perished of
influenza in a few months and more than 50 times as many were sick. In India,
126,500,000 persons or 7% of the total population are said to have been killed
by influenza in the autumn of 1918. In the United States, 648,000 died.

Or so they estimate, because 3 weeks into the plague, there were so many bodies, they stopped keeping death records, except in very small towns. Like, Sherman Texas, Population 200, 1918. 

  • First year, October 1918, 38 locals died
  • Second year, 1919, 57 locals died
  • Third year, 1920, 34 local citizens died.

There is a documentary on Youtube about the town by some lady, years ago, who researched it for a paper for her college. It killed 75% of Sherman Texas in 3 flu seasons.

Those…those are your REAL NUMBERS PEOPLE.


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