Posted by: the daily messenger | March 11, 2020

Dow Crashes Into Bear Market – Fastest Drawdown In Market History

Aaaaaand it’s gone.


Dead people piling up at the hospitals tend to to sober up all this open border stuff quite quickly. Sven Derkidick said all Muslim bodies have to point to mecca, so special mass burials pits – ala Iran – have to be hastily dug in the middle of the night, so as to protect the rights of Muslim dead. For white people, dump them in a ditch somewhere, toss in some lime, leave it unmarked. Like the Chinese do.

The Danish are closing all schools. 

Now maybe we can expect something more from the biggest liars on earth.

The satanic democrat mayor of Denver is FINALLY doing something.

How about closing the schools? Cancelling a bunch of stuff to save lives? No?

3 Negro TSA workers in San Jose, California are infected. All coworkers who had contact with them and the 3 positives are all under 14 day quarantine. So much for black people being immune, if you ever believed that lie. These  people have infected thousands.

Jobs like this should be tested daily, but not in Commiefornia. Can’t have that. What are you, racist? Only a racist would test a minority for the plague. Remember.


This is an international airport so they probably spread it quite a lot death as everyone interacts with The TSA or else. The TSA also currently is in a hiring and overtime freeze, so they have an incentive to keep quite about cases and not test. Because, having an entirely minority staff, it might put them in a bad light and only WHITE MAN BAD, is allowed. PC is the death of logic and reason.

trying to break a quarantine in Russia gives you 5 years of jail.

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