Posted by: the daily messenger | March 11, 2020

Merkel Expects 60-70% Of Germans To Be Infected With Coronavirus

Every 5 days, the corona virus infection DOUBLES. Do the math. Think about that long and hard. That’s why they minimize and lie about the numbers. Because this is the truth of a flu based bio weapon.

Wow. Honesty about the numbers finally? Given the CFR, this beats any WW2 numbers, en toto. Be nice if China would come clean. Tell us about the millions of dead and what you are REALLY doing to stop the thing. Of course, we’ve seen the videos

Ever have those moments, when it hits you. You are very likely to be one of the stats? Like soldiers, everyone thinks it will always happen to the other guy, until, whammo. I get that all the time. Here today, gone tomorrow. Maybe. Who can say.

Trying to imagine this world, 2022. Not good. Not at all.

Every week, the WHO and the CDC keeps lowering numbers across the board, especially the CFR. Now they’ve got it down to .6%. What a complete load of shite. China, SK, and Iran reveal that it’s double digits everywhere it has taken off. From 15% to .6  These people are such lying scoundrels. Listening to anything these devils have to say is a waste of spirit. Go smoke a cigarette or cigar. What have you got to lose? Afraid of getting cancer? Every person I ever knew who died of cancer, never smoked a day in their lives. Every smoker I’ve ever met, has never got cancer. Think about that in the day and age of CHEMTRAILS.

My doctor, who I’ve sent the video links to, was making fun of colloidal silver yesterday. He’s a virologist and a good man. I reminded him that blue skin can only be caused by silver nitrates, (something miners get) and not colloid of silver. Colloidal silver is NOT a nitrate. That is the stuff that falls out of suspension, and it takes years for it to do it. Other nitrates of silver have to do with processing silver ore when they dig it out of the ground.

No cancellation of St. Patrick’s Day celebrations in Savannah, Georgia which begins on Friday, March 13.  Many thousands will be exposed to COVID-19 in crowded bars and crowded streets. 

A virus pandemic represents a “too good to be true” opportunity for the globalist schemers.
I would not trust any of them to do the right thing to protect the public.  Their actions will be guided by how they can advance their agenda.  For 98% of the population, that is not a good thing.

Ukraine declared quarantine today on entire territory.

In Italy, for some reason, mortality rate has exceeded 6%. This bioweapon was made with splicing technique known for producing unstable results. Therefore different strains have different mortality rates.

 A doctor treating the infected people in Tarzana CA says that they are all about 40 with no underlying health conditions.

Survivors and the history books may never really know the true numbers of dead and age groups. In 1918, our free press revealed all. Now, 4 people own all the media in the world, and they are nephilim devils. Not much truth out of those commie satanists.

Noticed something odd, this spread. See below

40th latitude, across the world. One of Dad’s favorite numbers. Of course, it’s everywhere, but density and centralization, on that latitude.

As was foretold, in March, it’s our turn. And even then, these numbers are much too low.

National Guard Arrives In Suburban New York – Martial Law begins.


 The doubling rate of coronavirus in international cases is 4.6 days since Feb 3.

Someone knew a fucking was coming

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