Posted by: the daily messenger | March 12, 2020

Coronavirus update 3-12-20

 Everyone will stick their head in the sand and hope that life goes on like normal…pretty stunted soul dynamics across the board. As you eat that last burger, drink that last glass of milk, fill up that last tank of gas.

  • Chinese passenger on JetBlue flight from NY to FLA tests positive for virus, now all passengers have the plague.
  • $3,270 for Corona Virus Test

  • Stock market crashes another 10% today. 34% of value in 14 days. Largest bear spiral in world history. 
Plague symptoms, in no beginning order. Not even the media will put this out, the bastards.

Coronavirus update 3-12-20

by Don Bradley

The latest horrific news, as it appears, worldwide. Bio weapons designed with every unbeatable feature the little stinkers could engineer into the thing. Why isn’t the weapons lab sharing everything they have, data wise, with the world? That would help. Silence.

Also, please forgive my language of late. I’ve lost all decorum when dealing with the satanic network, who gave us this plague and are doing all they can, to kill as many of the adamic race as possible. The only silver lining is, it’s going after them too. 

Especially them. World leaders, their various cabinet poobahs, celebrities, names people know – at least in their countries – are all down with the plague and oops…so much for your smirking council on foreign relations snarl. We will now, daily, hear about more of the famous figures, as they, one after another, plague up.

Heck, it brings a smile to the face. The evil die too. 

Being a social butterfly is just dumb. Shut that down. 90% of any online order I try to place says delivery delayed indefinitely. So I cancel the order. The supply chains are dying, no matter how much places like wally world and amazon try to appear that all is good. 

And I cannot believe how packed restaurants are in Ojai, on tourist weekends. These people just WANT to die, quite obviously. Yeah, that’s it, get in a closed room with 50 or so people and share the same air with at least half a dozen carriers, for sure by now half a dozen. These people wont’ get to work at the movie studios anymore, what with pushing up daisys. Oh, excuse me…no burials…the funeral pyre. 

It’s like being on the Titanic with the Spanish Flu…and we already have idiots still getting on cruise ships, then whining on social media about being quarantined and such. I love it how the MSM mostly focuses on lesbian and gay couples on these things. DINKS (dual incomes, no kids) and nothing but time each year to run around doing their bucket list, years before retirement. I see them fill our town, every weekend. 

Me too.

Google and other CIA fronts are busy changing the history books, about the Spanish Flu and the Black plague, among others. And old used bookstores are mostly gone now. We have a big one in Ojai, but it’s run by fags who have cleaned out all the good stuff, for sell on Ebay. Only thing on the shelves is the most useless shite.

If it’s just the flu, as the lefties say it is, is it normal for a cold/flu to cause NBA to shut down its season, also for Italy to completely shut down its borders? Among several other countries, like Sweden? For China to Quarantine over a billion people? Same with South Korea, Iran, Italy and others? The stupidity of the satanic network astounds. But that is what evil trolls do…plant seeds of doubt, so that others walk into the arms of death unawares.

Can’t trust these blue haired dykes. The whole satanic left is manipulating, lying, with the intelligence agencies, this world into a MASS GRAVE. With us in it. There is one silver lining…the rich, celebrities as was foretold, are all getting it and dying to. These monsters of child trafficking and slaughter get to go straight to judgment. I have no sympathy for them, try as I might. For I know what they have and are doing. And they are the worst of the worst. I know of a former UPS vice president running chickens in Indonesia. Not the egg laying birds that feed people, but trafficking little girls and boys for sick bastards who go to that country to do despicable things to these poor children. That’s how he serves the covens. This plague can’t hit these people fast enough. Tom Hanks is part of that reality. And I can no longer watch his movies, knowing what I know about him. And he publicly fingered Kappy for murder, proving that Kappy was right about him and others. Well Tom, your box of chocolates is full of plague, have another.

Yeah, go eat some Chinese food. Most Chinese have relatives there, and travel there, frequently. These plague vectors are to be avoided, as are “white” Italians who have relatives in Italy. Same for other places. These borders are NOT closed, and flights leave daily. 

And that’s the real mind f..k. That we still have closed aluminum tube jets flying to and fro to the worst places to be right now. There is no way to track this spread, hasn’t been for over a month. We had our chance in late January, but the lefties screamed, and their satanic shites in office demanded no racism, and to this day, the flights continue. THEY ALL HAVE BLOOD ON THEIR HANDS. 

Biggest lie going forward is how only Baby Boomers are dying so who cares. Huh… So you don’t care if your parents drop dead? Are millenials that soulless? Here’s a news flash for the idiot generation who thinks that blue hair, and being a freak is awesome. WATCH THE VIDEOS FROM OVERSEAS. ALL THE PEOPLE YOU SEE THAT DROP DEAD, HAVE NO GREY HAIR. THEY ARE BETWEEN 20 AND 40. That means you, millenials and Gen X. Or whatever gay societal meme they use these days to classify lack of intelligence. Are you woke? You are more likely to die by 6 X, than any other age group. It’s all in the videos, you laughed at when people tried to wake you up to save your life.

When you are drowning in your own fluids, will you still be shouting, Don’t be Racist and It’s only the flu bro? Did critical thinking skills go by the boards when you spent all your parents money at the satanic college of your choice, to get a degree in stupid? 

Your big chance is to stay alkali so the thing cannot land. Really. Or die. This thing gets in, and kills you now or later, pick one. I’ve had the flu only once since 2004ish. Because of dietary realities (vegetarian) and fervent use of colloidal silver when around flu carriers. ONCE in 16 YEARS. Same with the boys, when they all lived with me.

  • Trump bans travel and cargo transfer between US and Europe for 30 days, guaranteed
  • Virus invades nervous systems, like herpesTwo major strains, newer is more aggressive (because of mutation, like Spanish Flu, it actually is becoming more deadly, if such a thing were possible.)
  • Israeli “recovered” case tests positive again, like all the others.
  • nCoV manifests as lung abnormalities, hides in nervous system
  • Virus hides in neurons when it sees doctors, cleverly escapes recognition
  • Internet guy posted this on a board, shouting at a only flu bro idgit.
  • “What part of millions will die and this is the prelude to the collapse of our current societal system don’t you understand? What does it take for some people to get it? The WHO announcing it? They don’t matter for shit, the cunts. They’ve been lying all this time. Merkel even said that 60% of all Germans would get it. That’s 48 million people. Applying Italy’s fatality rate of 5% to that number, you get over 2 million dead. And that’s with the medical system working and providing care. What if it breaks down? What about 3rd world shitholes? Do the fucking math. It’s finally happening for real.”
  • Trade and shipping volume WORLDWIDE DOWN 65%. Once borders lock, martial law MUST follow to restore order. The low IQ dindus who will kill everyone they see for a shitty bowl of soup. That means you. And there will be no one there to stop them.
  • All three west coast ports reveal that Asian shipping is down 90%. That fact alone should sober you up something fierce. That means no more ANYTHING. For a good long while.

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