Posted by: the daily messenger | March 12, 2020

Everything crashed day

Tom Hanks, wife announce they have the Coronavirus – the murder of Isaac Kappy comes back to haunt mister glove.

I did advise everyone to wear a mask in early February going forward. I remember doing that. Even wrote it down. Here. Also said, share this with others, so they too, can be saved and save their families. Remember that, too.

Still don’t see people with masks. Yet I read about gazillions of folks getting the plague and not understanding why? Did not the information here, get shared abouts, as advised. Not looking for credit, but good advice should always be shared.

And now the dying are EVERYWHERE. And it’s too late to get masks, eye gear, gloves, food in bulk, the lot. 

There it is.


The arrogance and idiocy of others will kill many families.

The Pandemic isn’t a pandemic because some over paid wanker at WHO decided it is. It was a pandemic, when it jumped China and flew into 37 countries in January because the leftist satanists insisted that curtailing flights from Communist China was racist, so no one stopped them. That’s when it became a pandemic. Around the 20th of January, when it entered and took root in major cities worldwide. The WHO is a lying, deceiving, privately owned band of eugenicists determined to wipe out the world, then rule the remainder, ala Agenda 21. And der Greta is part of that.  

Once the useful stooges have served their purpose? Those not in the coven will be shot. Yeah… AOC, go eat at a Wuhan eatery in your city today…you first, to prove you are not a racist. But…but…if someone shoots you down on a city street because your guilt trip lies got them infected, don’t expect any sympathy.


Dow futures, after 1300+ point drop today. Black March finally happened and there’s no turning back now.

Trump Bans All Travel From Europe For Next 30 Days (why not China?)

  • WHO declares Covid-19 is a pandemic (finally)
  • President Trump declares a travel ban from all European countries (not UK)
  • LA confirms first death
  • Seattle schools close for two weeks
  • Italy closes stores
  • MGM says guest at Vegas’s ‘The Mirage’ tested positive
  • Denmark closes schools, will send ‘non-critical’ public employees home to work
  • Juve player Daniele Rugani dies, 23 years old
  • DC Mayor declares public health emergency
  • Congressional doctor says up to
  • Cuomo confirms 39 new cases in NY, raising total to 21200
  • Indonesia, rampant plague spreading fast.
  • Confirmed cases in France top 2,000,000
  • Washington State to ban events over 200
  • Chicago cancels St. Paddy’s Day parade
  • NY sends in National Guard
  • IADB cancels meeting in Colombia as virus spreads across Latin America
  • Mnuchin says first part of virus stimulus plan will be ready in 2 days
  • Utah reportedly planning to shut public college and university campuses
  • Dr. Fauci warns virus 100x more deadly than flu and could infect millions if not handled early. Fucko knows half a billion already has the plague.
  • Australia passes A$18 billion stimulus package
  • Seoul says 99 cases tied to call center
  • FEMA evacuates Atlanta office over coronavirus scare
  • 130 Boeing workers test positive
  • Washington DC advises cancellation or postponement of all gatherings with more than 1,000 people
  • Harvard to prorate room and board for students
  • UK Health Minister catches virus
  • Ireland, Bulgaria, Sweden report first deaths
  • Connecticut declares state of emergency
  • Japan reportedly declares state of emergency
  • Every Boeing plant has infected workers.
  • “Straight Up Racist”: Crazy Eyes AOC Slams People For Not ‘Patronizing’ Chinese Restaurants Due To Coronavirus. The witch is a serial killer. And needs to be spiritually fried until the bitch repents.
  • An Islamic scholar who said the coronavirus was “Allah’s punishment” for China’s treatment of Muslims now has coronavirus. I guess not. Maybe when he prays, praying for Jihad isn’t what Dad has in mind for humanity.
  • US medical worker who tested positive for the new coronavirus said his condition is ‘getting worse’ every day, despite being 32 years old and having no underlying conditions
No gloves, no eye gear. Dead people walking.

A US medical worker 32 years old and having no underlying conditions
“Diarrhea, “Diarrhea, “Diarrhea,

A US medical worker who tested positive for the new coronavirus said his condition is ‘getting worse’ every day,
despite being 32 years old and having no underlying conditions

“The virus is everything,” James Cai told WCBS.”Diarrhea, “Diarrhea, “Diarrhea,
watery eyes, shortness of breath, chest pain, you name it. High fever.”
The 32-year-old medical worker said he believes he was infected at a medical
conference held at a hotel in Times Square the weekend before he was taken to the emergency room. 10% of people are getting severe “Diarrhea , thus the rush to buy TP #ToiletPaperApocalypse

Going to gay bars was never a healthy lifestyle choice. AIDS, HIV, and now CORONA – getting slammed in the ass in the bathroom is not what is considered…healthy or sane, frankly. They won’t test you because…no test, low numbers. Welcome to hell, Blofeld.


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