Posted by: the daily messenger | March 13, 2020

Coronavirus update 3-13-20 Friday the 13th

Every day’s a holiday
Infection density. USA next

Be careful out there. Many reports – not from the news, of course – but of black people mostly robbing white people of their prep supplies at gunpoint, rather than use their own money. By next week end, quarantine, pretty sure. So if you see a car full of angry dindus slowly cruising the parking lots, be prepared. It’s best to go as a group, rather than by your onesy. Which isn’t always easy to do. If you do see roving predators, call 911…they’re sure to be armed. This isn’t racism, this is about saving lives, and oh, liberal dunsky, I’m not the one doing the robbing, they are. If guys like that are offering supplies out of their trunk that are tough to get, they’re stolen. And like as not, they’ll rob you too. Or worse. They pick on women mostly and those who look unlikely to defend themselves. You know who you are.

Or, as they point their gun at you, rush up and give them a hug, reminding them you are not racist. You can tell them how you’ve always voted democrat and all that and be sure to point out your blue and purple hair. By the way, to a predator, kow-towing is considered a sign of weakness and they have nothing but contempt for you. At that point, just hand over your keys and money. They may not shoot you then. 

If I had money…I would have put the bulk into actual physical GOLD. The dollar won’t be worth doodly squat after this is over. Neither will any currency, after this. Not so much this flu season, but certainly the next one. Gold always retains value. ALWAYS.

Remember…Gold for store of wealth, silver for barter.

  • Los Angeles, San Diego Cancel School (finally) quarantine is not far behind DB

  • The 2020 Masters Tournament has been postponed

  • The Boston Marathon has been postponed
  • Disney Halts Production On All Live-Action Films

  • number of cases jumped 30% overnight USA.

  • China is NOT recovering…it is dying.

  • Los Angeles Unified School District, which, with 600,000 students, is the second-largest district in the country behind NYC, has cancelled school.

  • Next month’s Louisiana Primary has been postponed
  • In Italy – not Iran – the president of the Medical Guild of Varese, Roberto Stella, has died of coronavirus

  • from the internet. Family by us with little kids who coughed and coughed and coughed all through dinner, all over dinner, and all over grandma.  I told myself “This is how we all will get killed”.
  • France closes schools and universities
  • Portugal shuts down schools
  • Corona wipes $5 trillion off world stocks
  • China factories waste electricity to fake productivity
  • Switzerland only testing high risk patients
  • Pope is dead. Hasn’t been seen in two weeks. Cardinals lying, panicking. 
  • Expect massive increases in suicides in the coming months as people’s livelihoods will be obliterated due to no jobs.
  •  Major of Miami Francis Suarez admits being coronavirus victim, visits gay bath house, self quarantines
  • FL Governor Candidate Andrew Gillum – the former Tallahassee Mayor, and two men identified as Travis Dyson and Aldo Mejias, involved In Meth Overdose during full moon coven orgy in Miami, with two other naked men. Paramedics were treating Dyson at the time for a possible overdose. Gillum was too inebriated to speak with officers offering to administer oral sex to the officers, though he was later reported in stable condition with normal vital signs. Police found several baggies of crystal meth, dildos, black hoodie robes, and a witches circle painted into a hotel room carpet. Candidate was resuscitated at Mount Sinai hospital. Gillum was found vomiting, passing out, and continued to vomit 3 more times before EMTs rushed him to hospital. In the satanic network, same sex orgies are routine on full moons, new moons and witches sabbaths. Vials of blood were found in his luggage, though he denied those and the adrenochrome drams were his. Sure… Phucko witch lied and said he was sick from attending a wedding, though he couldn’t remember who was married or why he was naked with other men doing hard core drugs.
  • The above news item proves that being a witch has nothing to do with gender, race, country. It’s a rank, a thing you become. Gillum became a witch and does as witches do. EVIL. When you research what these monsters get up to, it’s sickening beyond belief. You also understand why Dad had his people lay waste to these nephilim freaks every time they came across them. not for land, or power, or whatever. But to end the sickest kind of abominations that were “plaguing” the land, souring it with the worst kind of demonic presences. These these, in the old days had to go. The still have to go, and some of us to this day, do this kind of work.

You make a move, he guns you down. And he’s standing, at condition 1, and looking right at you.

Road Blocks there and soon, here. Except here, expect tanks, humvees and A LOT MORE GUNS.

Silver, a week ago, was around 17.10 an ounce – now it’s $14.00 
Gold was $1700.00 – now it’s $1523.00
So what happened? 
Everyone is rushing to PMs for store of wealth, so they monkey hammered it DOWN with notional (paper, not owned) sales to suppress prices and steer people back into currencies, which they intend to make worthless.
This is actually good news. Now it’s cheaper. You get more gold for the dollar, so let it drop. Drop baby drop. And buy accordingly, if you are so blessed and if the gold sellers are still alive. For the rest of us…not so much.

Trump Declares National Emergency Over Coronavirus

So it begins…and I mean all of it, like China.


6 Heads of State are already dead. This is kept secret to prevent panic in their respective countries. I agree. and no don’t ask me, because that means you won’t respect my wishes nor understand the gravity of that knowledge in the public domain. In point of fact, these countries are using body doubles, like with the Hildebeast.

With President Bolsonaro to announce being coronavirus victim. (shame…he was a decent sort)

More and more of the above sort are going to come down with the plague, because, you can’t do orgies with the covens and not end up with something. It’s what’s killing and infecting them all, not from walking around and such. It’s one of the benefits of the plague…these satanic monsters share with each other, the worst of themselves. By year’s end, so many world leaders will be 3rd or 4th ranked nobodies, matriculated into office merely because the top people simply died off.






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