Posted by: the daily messenger | March 14, 2020

Coronavirus update 03-14-20 DB

(to save lives)


A month ago and longer, so many of my friends and such, were laughing behind my back. They watch the news, only a few dozen dead, maybe, and compared to other death metrics, a nothing. Don is crazy, gone off his “meds”, etc. Many still chat it up like that. Even though it’s more than obvious, by just a LITTLE DIGGING, that world governments are hiding the numbers and lying through their teeth. Also, I’ve never warned of dire straights before, ever. Show me where I have. I did warn about the radiation that was traveling the  world after Fuckushima, but so was everyone else. And cancer rates went ballistic. And the local seashore life vanished. To this day, it has not returned. We still have not seen starfish, mussels, anything, since 2011. And, it’s in our food supply, what with Tuna and all.

But now, states, and the Federal government are finally getting in on the plague awareness thing, that we have a problem, and they are stumbling slowly to what will eventually work. So, those that laugh, are looking closer at the thing and see… What do you see?

“It’s nothing, a few dead guys, Don’s crazy.”

Okay. If it’s nothing, “just a flu bro,” then

  • why are they closing schools; do they do that for a nothing flu?
  • why declare a state of emergency, as most states have now done? 
  • why LOCK-DOWN ENTIRE COUNTRIES ala Italy, Iran, China, and a few others. Every week, another couple of countries shut down entirely, all you flu bro people. Explain why these governments would do that.
  • Explain all the video footage of tens of thousands of bodies, that the people filming say, only represents that day’s accounting? This one I got to hear, from you blue haired “woke” Antifa thugs. Can’t wait to hear this load.
  • why close down international flights, mostly, with airlines saying they are near bankruptcy?
  • why are hospitals full, elective surgeries are cancelled?
  • why are public gatherings over x amount of fools like you, cancelled?
  • warning people to stock up on foods and hinting that quarantines are more than likely?
  • why are troop movements noticed EVERYWHERE? In every country this plague is moving among the population?
  • why are many companies asking their employees (office jobs) to work from home?
  • why are most of the AWARE part of the country taking steps to provide for themselves by preparing supplies, plans, and arrangements with other like-minded souls?

Ever hear of ANY of the above happening? In the last 100 years?

NO, of course not. The last time these measures took place was the flu pandemic that killed hundreds of millions of people between 1918-1920. Of course, some things are different, because we live in a digital age with phones, computers, planes, and automobiles. Things non-existent 100 years ago. And, political correctness – an op run  by the satanic CIA to destroy the family and western civilization didn’t exist either.

Open borders…this will kill so many, you satanic shites. Closing borders and restricting travel 100 years ago stopped the plague dead in its tracks. It’s the only thing that works and they knew it.  But oh no, butt wankers on the left still insist we leave travel to plague countries like China, SK, Iran fully open and censor the race of those who have the plague. Because that might hurt someone’s feelings. Is that what matters, as you cough up your lungs, gasping for your last breath of air? Really? Could you people be any more stunted as souls? You are that amazingly stupid to be led thusly by the satanists that it boggles the mind of any clear thinking person. As you people have demonstrated for four long years, what with Trump derangement syndrome, et al.

Sweden is finished anyways. What the synagogue with satan wanted.

The Swedish Public Health Authority has decided to adopt a new strategy in regard to the coronavirus outbreak, stating it will no longer be updating exact numbers of infections. Rather than lie to the world, it just will hide the numbers outright. It’s that bad.

State epidemiologist Anders Tegnell spoke at a press conference this week saying that the health authority would be looking at identifying which regions are the most affected by the spread of the coronavirus. He also will NOT be identifying the RACE (there it is) of the infected. (that means Asians and invaders are plague carriers.)

“We will no longer discuss whether we have 458 or 562 cases. But instead how large parts of Sweden are affected and how hard they are,” Tegnell said. WOW.

The latest ugliness

Pure luck…sure. You were part of the weapon development team, is what you mean. And you had it perfected, for the right people, before the bomb was released.
  • Finland will as of today not test everyone anymore, only “selected” cases or those who “fit the criteria” (anything to hide the true numbers, it’s that BAD).
  • Trump is finally doing travel bans. Too late, I might add, but at least its a start. Sure, the airlines will suck on it, but in the face of plague, I’m sure their lobbyists with congress will get some kind of bill passed to get them money. This should have happened in January. 
  • Before lock-down, in China, when the Chinese found out they had the plague, they went around spitting on people and door handles, and such. In Chinatown, USA, people are witnessing the same behavior. But, twitter keeps deleting the clips (heaven forbid revealing the truth might be racist.) Send me one, if you have it. Also, what is wrong with these people? Who intentionally tries to kill another, just because you are sick? What kind of a stunted soul does such things? Maybe folks are right to be weary of Chinese-Americans…maybe. Need to see proof of this and more than just one crazy killer. No wonder the CCP was shooting down people found outside…they knew for a fact, what most of them were doing publicly. Lots of footage of spitting chicoms. And…how do you sleep at night?
  • French PM Shuts Bars, Cinemas, Restaurants Nationwide.
  • Spain declares national lock-down
  • France announces national lock-down
  • Newly diagnosed cases jumped by +30,000 in Italy. IN A SINGLE DAY. Selah.
  • Bonnier AB is a privately held Swedish media group of 175 companies operating in 15 countries. It is controlled by the Bonnier family: Newspapers, books, magazines, television, cinemas, film production, and radio. They control ALL THE MSM IN NORTHERN EUROPE.
  • Restaurant Traffic Implodes More Than 60%
  • Covid-19 Pandemic To Crash Sex Worker Income (a silver lining)
  • California Governor Issues Executive Order Allowing State To Commandeer Hotels, Motels For Coronavirus Patients

  • M A R K

    O F

    T H E

    B E A S T

    you won’t be able to buy, trade, sell or attend events if you don’t have proof of having received this ‘vaccine’.

    At first, voluntary, then once you enter the road that becomes the line, you find you cannot turn around, without being chased down by the men in black with guns. Who shoot you.

    That’s next, count on it.

    Thank Heavens the PANIC hasn’t started yet in the USA. The poor are going to go absolutely apey and start with the killing. Then people will kill to protect, as one does to assure family safety. What a mess this is going to be, especially when the government starts with the unnecessary power outages, the stinkers.

    Then the Dindus bum rush your front door. You have a daughter, over the age of 11 and you don’t need to be told what comes next. And in your hand, or nearby, is your grandpa’s trusty old .45 colt from his time in the army. Then the dilemma.

    don’t drop the bastard and he kills you, rapes the rape-able, then kills them after.


    Put one in his knee, deal with the spiritual issues downrange, and your family is unharmed. Because no one with a hole in his leg has sex on his mind. And, you get his gun, making sure his thoughts of revenge go unrequited.

    the Holy book says a mans duty is to protect his family and so you shall, so you shall. Against all comers.Outside of that scenario, do no harm. Avoid the conflict. Try, to the best you can be, to do as Yeshua would do. But, if they come in that do talking rape and pillage and start shooting, do not hesitate. The women folk and younglings are counting on you to be a man.

    So act like one.

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