Posted by: the daily messenger | March 15, 2020

Road blocks in America, it begins.

Why Ike…whatever do you mean? 

Well, here we go. They test, you fail, and what happens next? No one knows, yet. Major roads through main thoroughfares.  Keep an ear to the ground about your area or don’t.

And get the surprise of your life.

By the by, these are test runs, field trials, to tighten up their operational procedures. Once they get the data they need – what works, what doesn’t – these things WILL BE EVERYWHERE. The line for the roadblock is some mile and half, video taken from a drone or drones, as it were. You’ll see. Smiles and testing, then the guns and black vans.

First the candy, then the stick.

“Marybeth went down to the store for milk, that was 4 hours ago.” That’s how it will be at first, then the word will spread like wildfire, except by then, the cell phones go dark, except for government notifications. Those will appear.

As was foretold. 

Remember…What you saw in China, becomes USA, but American style. 

Still think this is a nothing burger, as the millenials say? You do, really? Well, alrighty then. 

Is any of this sinking in? Need some more videos, do you, of other roadblocks of other countries or, more from the USA, the west. Like in Shopshire, starting monday. Or Leeds, starting monday.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Denver, Colorado

At first, voluntary, then once you enter the road that becomes the line, you find you cannot turn around, without being chased down by the men in black with guns. Who shoot you.

That’s next, count on it.

Thank Heavens the PANIC hasn’t started yet in the USA. The poor are going to go absolutely apey and start with the killing. Then people will kill to protect, as one does to assure family safety. What a mess this is going to be, especially when the government starts with the unnecessary power outages, the stinkers.

Then the Dindus bum rush your front door. You have a daughter, over the age of 11 and you don’t need to be told what comes next. And in your hand, or nearby, is your grandpa’s trusty old .45 colt from his time in the army. Then the dilemma.

don’t drop the bastard and he kills you, rapes the rape-able, then kills them after.


Put one in his knee, deal with the spiritual issues downrange, and your family is unharmed. Because no one with a hole in his leg has sex on his mind. And, you get his gun, making sure his thoughts of revenge go unrequited.

the Holy book says a mans duty is to protect his family and so you shall, so you shall. Against all comers.Outside of that scenario, do no harm. Avoid the conflict. Try, to the best you can be, to do as Yeshua would do. But, if they come in that do talking rape and pillage and start shooting, do not hesitate. The women folk and younglings are counting on you to be a man.

So act like one.

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