Posted by: the daily messenger | March 15, 2020

The Daily Messenger: Vision at night, a few years back

The Daily Messenger: Vision at night, a few years back: I mentioned what you are about to read, to several people close to me. People I could trust, because the thing was on my heart and it w…


 I mentioned
what you are about to read, to several people close to me. People I
could trust, because the thing was on my heart and it was meant to be
shared by those close, 3 years ago, and you, now. This followed on the
heel of a 7 day prayer and fast – of which I do about three or four a
year, to help folks out. This works. Son Matt and I did a 7 day fast for
Kent Hovind who they were about to put into prison for a fake, created
crime, after he had already done TEN YEARS for the offense of using an
ATM. Really, that was the charge and they used that to put away a thorn
in their side, because old Kento was handing fake science their butts
every time with the creation truth. On the day of the trial, they
dropped the new charges, did “time served” thing on his current deal,
released him that day with no parole, the works, like it never happened.
PRAYER AND FASTING FOR ANOTHER does tremendous good, I’ve done it
dozens and dozens of times over the years, but never for myself. That’s
my rule. 


So, I go to bed
and find myself on a tour of various places in the world. One of the
things my guide (a tall radiant angel whose face I couldn’t see, but
whose loving energy, presence, and gentleness cannot be put into words,
so no point in trying,) I find myself being led to a street in Canoga
Park or West Hills, as they call it now. Groups of black thugs were
going house to house, one after another, killing the occupants and
robbing the place, then on to the next house.

I was mortified
and in tears. They did it more to hurt, than to gain food and lodgings,
which most of the people would have shared, if but asked. But no, it
was all kick in the door and shoot them all dead. Moms, dads, the kids,
the dogs, cats. They killed every single thing they found. Then as quick
as that happened, they took pillow cases and started robbing the house,
mostly of useless thug trinkets, like jewelry and the like, leaving
perfectly good food, right there in the cupboards.

I was sick and getting sicker. 

Didn’t ask why
or what. It was obvious. They had resorted to their basest racial
personas. For them. Whereas you and I would knock on the door, plead to
the home owners humanity for some food and maybe some shelter in the
garage or backyard for the night and maybe a shower with the garden
hose, they just shot these people point blank right in the face. I won’t
mention what happened to the teenage girls. They had it the worst. As
you can imagine.

I blurted out to my guide or no one in particular, “where are the police? the cops?”

Instantly I
found myself in front of a liquor store on Van Nuys Blvd somewhere in
the San Fernando Valley(yeah, and I found it later on Google earth) and
there were cops leaving with boxes of hard liquor, whom I stopped.
Apparently the cops could see me…or were made to see me, I don’t know
how that was possible, but it was. I told them what was happening, and
where…abouts…they said they knew. Told me to get out of the valley.
That there were tens of thousands of these gangs all over the city (LA)
and their orders were to hunker down at the police station and ride the
thing out. I told him, in exasperation, that many, many families were
dying horribly, and the like. The cop, a corporal, shrugged his
shoulders and said they were out numbered and even if they stopped some,
the other roving gangs would get these home owners anyways. He advised
me to get a gun.

I was taken to
see other things, for other reasons. But now I know, this had to do with
the plague. Most of my friends reading this, know this story well. A
terrible thing. Can’t get it out of my head. I’ll always remember the
look of surprise on that Asian mother’s face as she opened the door to
stare down the barrel of that .40 caliber automatic as it went off with
the laughing killer just getting his giggles over her shock. I still
cannot fathom the complete lack of heartlessness in that man. 

Frankly, it’s a lesson I will always remember.

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