Posted by: the daily messenger | March 16, 2020

"Assume Everyone Is Infected": US & Europe Wake Up To World In Lockdown As Death Toll Rises

Notice how in the above video they are blaming it on birds and pigs (the very thing the rockefeller foundation used as a growth medium in their weapon in those days) and that the solution in our time is, tada, A VACCINE, not an antidote. I’m surprised they at least admitted it came from US troops being sent overseas, though they neglected to mention, these same troops received the worlds first ever, FLU VACCINE. A vaccine built on the typhus strain and patented. That’s how we know about it. The devils patented the weapon, so they could make the money off the government for every shot in the arm they gave those very trusting young men. These same scheming banker devils, a few years earlier, on Jekyll Island, masterminded the whole Federal Reserve scheme. Lauded as titans of industry…

 Assume everyone is infected…

Where to begin…finally the world is getting it, when it’s too late. For most of the world, it’s not their fault. Their governments and media have said nothing or made it out to be a nothing. On the other hand, People I’ve been trying to wake up are finally, like, hey don, corona virus dude! These people have had every early opportunity to be awake and aware and just smirked at me and my open hand of knowledge.

Where have you people been for the last two months, when i sent you link after link? Too busy? A little late now.

I also understand that they intend upon using this plague to ratchet up their NWO plans big time. This was discussed her early on. We take our beatings as we go.

  • NY, NJ and Connecticut have all decided to ban gatherings of 50 or more people
  • New Jersey announced a curfew for all “nonessential” businesses 8 pm
  • The London Gold Fix, covered on this site extensively, is killing the price of gold. Their shills are all out in force, with many lies and cover stories to mislead and keep people stupid. As explained, this is about keeping people out of PMs as a safe haven. Smart people still see it has safe haven, its just cheaper now. In fact, they are doing the world a favor.
  • Chile has announced plans to close its borders to foreigners beginning on Wednesday
  • US Surgeon General Jerry Adams said Monday that the country will likely need 6-8 weeks for the virus to run its course. A black Obama appointee, is lying. It will take at least 2 to 3 flu seasons. Wearing the uniform of a decorated officer doesn’t make him so.
  • Box Office Sales To Plunge 40% In One Week As Social-Distancing Accelerates In US
  • European Union To Ban Non-Essential Travel Into Europe 
  • Airlines Seek $50 Billion In Government Aid Amid Covid-19 Chaos 
  • Top Cleric On Iran’s Powerful Council Of Experts Dies Of Covid-19
  • Canada closes borders to foreign travelers
  • Dutch PM says experts believe ‘most’ citizens will catch virus
  • House leaders postpone return to Washington ‘indefinitely’
  • New Jersey reports 80% jump in cases
  • Italy reports another 3,233 cases, 349 deaths
  • France orders people to stay home for 15 days
  • CDC says employee has tested positive
  • EU finance ministers announce ‘coordinated fiscal response’ worth 1% of GDP
  • White House releases new ‘national guidelines’ to stop virus
  • San Francisco earmarks $10M for those who miss work due to outbreak
  • SF mayor orders residents to shelter in place beginning at midnight
  • 6 Bay Area counties to issue ‘shelter in place’ order
  • Trump tells governors to try and get their own respirators
  • Washington State shuts down bars, restaurants for 2 weeks
  • First cases confirmed in Tanzania, Somalia
  • Ohio requests to delay primary until June 2
  • Russia ‘limits’ entry of foreigners
  • UK reports 18 new deaths, asks citizens to avoid all non-essential contact and travel, but avoids public closures
  • Chile tightens borders, bans foreigners from entry
  • Kudlow teases helicopter money; Romney pushes plan to hand every US adult $1,000
  • Cuomo warns US might not succeed in flattening the curve enough
  • Lombardy reports smallest jump in new cases since beginning of outbreak
  • Greenland reports first case
  • Google’s virus website booked up on first day of operation
  • Moscow bans all events with more than 50 people
  • Top Iranian cleric dies
  • Germany closes restaurants, bars, gyms and nightclubs until further notice.
  • EU Commission bars “non-EU citizens” from entering the area, but refuses to cave on internal controls
  • NY, NJ, Conn bar large gatherings
  • Israel mulls national lock-down
  • DOW tanks 3000 points or 13%, worst day in history – again
  • France under lock-down, 66 million people
  • Finland to be put on lock-down, 5 million people
  • Puerto Rico is now on lockdown
Does this apply to illegal aliens as well? Most other laws don’t.
Good luck trying to corral the homeless.
Sadly, this will actually happen, kicking up things to Martial Law. That’s what the NWO is waiting for, the dinduism thing, as was foretold in 2 Esdras.

They are organizing looting raids on twitter (rape and murder) (chimpouts starting already)


Another RECORD DROP in history

FROM THE INTERNET (I apologize for the harsh language. Also, Happy birthday Morg. DB)

this is fucking it boys, i live in a shitty, homeless and NPC infested neighborhood in San Jose and fully prepped. Know for a fact that many neighbors did not prep and the grocery stores within 10 miles any direction have been stripped bare by normies. When they all realize that they need to stay home, every last food item will disappear here.

will post any happenings of terrible behavior here as they occur, gonna make a quick run to the bank before they get swarmed and take out as much money as I can.
The self-hating liberal whites are going to have a field day when all the sick illegals and their offspring completely and totally clog up the healthcare system and they find out that Mexicans and people have color have priority over white people, something very few people know about, except those in healthcare.

This is going to red pill a metric fuckton of self-hating liberal whites in Commiefornia. But, of course, it will be too late by then for them. Too fucking late. Never turn your back on your country or your race.
Good way to round up the homeless and give ’em the ol’ disappear routine – no one around to see them black-bagged because people are too damn scared to go outside because of a coof. They do this all the time. You have homeless in your town and then one day, poof, where did they all go? (I can verify this to be true. This happened 3 years ago in Ojai, we had about 50-75 homeless and then one day, and ever since. No homeless, no more. DB)
Listening to multiple press conferences right now. 

They are telling businesses to limit right now

They also say if these demands are not met they will enforce it with police or more.
:my opinion: the feds are waiting to see how these demands play out, and will see how certain cities react to police lock-downs before going nationwide. (Agreed. When it goes Federal…Martial Law…America will turn into hell on Earth. Then, and only then, will so very many wish they had weapons of ANY kind. DB)

A friend of mine just sent me an email this morning saying that he was going to have to lay off all 45 of his employees this morning.

I can’t even begin to guess how many millions of people will lose their jobs, and how many companies will go bankrupt, because of this virus.

Frankly I expect entire nations to go broke over the next few months. Italy was already teetering on the brink of disaster. Now its entire economy has shut down. 
Even if you have money, where do you spend it? Stores are empty, or closed, right?


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