Posted by: the daily messenger | March 17, 2020

Event 201 and setting up 2020

Life is but a dream


You can’t buy or sell unless you have the vaccine.

You can’t buy or sell unless you have the vaccine.

You can’t buy or sell unless you have the vaccine.

You can’t buy or sell unless you have the vaccine.

You can’t buy or sell unless you have the vaccine.

You can’t buy or sell unless you have the vaccine.

When the mark of the Beast law becomes the choice, the four angels of Golgotha will reveal the Ark of the Covenant and the Ten Commandments for all to see. Then begins the time of Jacob’s trouble.

Then the 2 witnesses, the clock of 42 months, all begins.

They will do their very best to hide this from us all. They will try. Because these realities make the reality of evil and our Holy father and Son, the true creators of earth, quite real indeed. But, before that happens they have a very small window.

The whole aliens are our creators blue beam scam they’ve been working on since the 1950s. Whether they do this before, during, or after, only they know.


There is a secret code being used in China to reveal Corona numbers without prison…for a time. the code is 12 and K-pop Top Ramon. Have fun with that one.

However, the short hand is this. To make the world think China has beaten the thing, all hunky dory, they are sending people home and saying problem over. To expose this lie, the citizens came, a few a first, and then as others caught on, a great many, the whole  12 and K-pop Top Ramon key code. They do this to stay alive, because to go against the govt is a bullet in the ear.

And the CODE IS THIS: If you see top Ramon with 12, they are sick with plague and dying. And yet the govt declared them cured. Only difference is, they sent them home to die there. 

That’s how fucked up China is, may God forgive the heartless bastards.


Used to be, see folks with no masks, nothing. Because, they didn’t understand or know the danger. Now I perceive, they don’t have the masks BECAUSE THEY CAN’T GET ANY.

And they wish they could. 

It will happen to the prepared like this. They will see you with the mask and will then assault you to take it from you, hoping to get that mask and whatever might be in your car. And for some, in their mind, they’ve gone that far, why not rob you, too.

You’ll see.


Take a heavy gauge T shirt and cut it up to wrap around your face. There you go. If all you have is light gauge T shirt, wrap it twice. This isn’t rocket science. All you need is a pair of scissors and you’re good.

Or use a kerchief. Like I do,  so often when out. No one thinks twice about a kerchief around your neck, thinking its a fashion statement.


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