Posted by: the daily messenger | March 18, 2020

Every day Market dumps 2000 pts

You don’t have to understand money or currency to realize these facts should at least concern you. When this happens once or twice every year, on a single day, a great many people get taken to the wood shed and get their pants pulled down. On the other hand, when it is every day for three weeks.

It is an ending.

and still dropping. Even if it stopped right this minute, the amount of Trillions wiped out of the financial circles and valuations and values of companies is so horrific, that the ripple effects over the next few years will just lay waste to most countries. The business landscape of the world has now exceeded every predicted financial fear nightmare ever published in my lifetime. This isn’t fear. THIS IS NOW REALITY. And we are all about to learn that the money in our banks is worth exactly, nothing.

But it’s not stopping. Every day, it starts off limit down. How is that even possible?

Remember in the movie TRADING PLACES where at the end of the days trading Randolph and Mortimer had to settle accounts? “You know we don’t have 340 million dollars!” Then Randolph has heart attack and keels over.

Well, that is every one when they realize that settling out of these days trading has yet to happen. That’s right, its being pushed off. For when it does, to the tune of 275 Trillion dollars US, the world is going to have a heart attack.

But it all looks so normal, people working, kids to school. Yeah, because money – real money – is an abstract thing most people do not understand. When you cannot buy gold or silver anywhere, anymore, as is now, then money is valued at exactly dick.

At least my readers will see it coming and who is doing it to them.

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