Posted by: the daily messenger | March 19, 2020

Buy or Sell?

by Don Bradley 3-19-20

Why am I not surprised this devil has this going, and from last year.
>bio-chipping to track vaccinations
>bill gates’ pet project (Yeah, vaccine to buy or sell all right)

One possible consequence within the next few months could be that governments begin to restrict movement of people who can not prove that they have been vaccinated.

Keep in mind that the vaccine is most likely not a vaccine but something else. Or, more likely, a cocktail of many things. 

  • A DNA changer. Something the demonic realm has given over that will allow the Kafesh of Satan to replace The Holy Spirit.
  • A deadly plague like the Chinese got with their state mandated vaccination that is and has, wiped out millions
  • nano-material for whatever weird science these satanic shitbirds have come up with in labs, no one really knows about.

Any version of the above invokes the angel that goes around smiting all those who carry the mark of the beast with horrific boils, plagues, and other ailments so terrible, that anyone carrying this mark will wish for death, but find they cannot have it. That alone is so hard to wrap the mind around. What could possibly come your way that keeps you alive, but in the worst kind of physical torment.

And also this, this MOTB (mark of the beast) leaves a visible to all reveal on either your nogging or your hand. Likely both. I would think the forehead, because gloves can hide the hand, but the face? Nah, if the the thing is on your face, everyone will know.

One might say…but dorko, if I took this not knowing I was aligning with the anti Christ and such, how can I rightly be held accountable for the MOTB?  Exactly so. So, there must be something, we all have to sign, that says in print, that we agree with bla bla bla and so forth and so on, before we get the shot or whatever it is. And the document has to bluntly say things, not in lawyerese but in plain language exactly what and how bad this thing is.

It has to be something we consciously agree to. A deal, so to say. They can’t just blind side us and then we get slammed by fate for a terrible destiny here and in the hereafter. Problem is, most people ALWAYS sign stuff they do not really read. At all. 

It could also, and more likely, be a two-stage thing. Vaccine first, then because of “complications” the coupe de grace that is the thing that spiritually damns us. It’s a real problem they must have solved already. So its up to us, to figure out how they are going to manage this rule of Dad. They MUST TELL YOU THE EVIL THEY ARE GOING TO DO, BEFORE THEY DO IT AND YOU MUST AGREE, OR NOTHING LANDS ON YOU, THE VICTIM.

That’s why predictive programming is such a big deal in films and videos. It’s about letting us know the when, how, and why of an upcoming fvking they intend against us. Which is well documented.

Here is what I, Don, think, however.  This vaccine is a death sentence, but it is NOT the MOTB. The vaccine will kill targeted people by race and age groupings. However, it will setup those who TOOK the vaccine for a later agreement, when the AntiChrist – the Assyrian – is on the world stage. For the vaccine will make you susceptible to his magic, for your DNA will have changed enough to where his jinn and black magic will make things be and appear, to you, to be something…wonderful. But to others, really F’d up. Big time.

But by then, the elect will be on the verge of extinction, having been killed off one way or another, and so on.

This is what I perceive. And I have pretty good eyes, some say.

If you have a scenario that solves the thing, please share it with me. I certainly have no corner on truth. Dad speaks to many, if they would BUT LISTEN AND OBEY.

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