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I miss Mikey, love that boy.

Mikey…I miss you so very much.

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Fire Angel, December 2018

Like most sentient beings, a blessing is much appreciated – except for satanists, they hate being prayed over and a blessing. I was grateful for the warmth of a fire on a cold day, this being the 18th of December 2018. Firewood is expensive, and a friend let me have some because the sons were visiting. I gave thanks and a blessing to the the spirit that animates this form of creation.

In gratitude, it allowed me to take its picture, which is how it works. Give and it will be given, kind of thing. Key is, you have to mean it, sincerely, not for some ulterior motive. (Daniel 2-30)

So you can clearly discern the spirit, which lives in all fire (and water, and air, and earth, etc.) and as one of my sons was standing there warming up and talking at me, it was looking at him.

Now for all you slanderers and BLIND who cannot nor will not understand this amazing creation we all live in, I say this. Everything is living. It is. If you think you and the animal kingdom (yes, plant kingdom too) are the only things with spirit within the form, well, you are quite mistaken. Believe me. 

Cultures all through the distant past KNEW THIS FACT. In our age of scientism, these truths are buried with lies about things they themselves admit, they know nothing about. 

Well, our Father wants the world to know the truth of Earth. This is part of that truth. You don’t pray to them or make of them gods. However, like any life form here on the rock, friendship, appreciation for their existence and what they give us all, etc, is quite correct. Take it for granted and go ahead and stay blind as you will always be.

I have tons of this stuff. In point of fact, I had a WHOLE BUNCH of pics I snapped this last summer and then two weeks ago, they wiped my hard drive which had all those photos on it. Real shame, too. In my mind, really next level dimensional stuff I was about to do a bunch of articles and yes, a video too, as I HAD FILM FOOTAGE.

That’s all gone now, the monsters.

No photoshop. I use a clunky old windows paint, which is the absolute WORST photo software ever invented. About all you can do is crop and do terrible 8 bit color drawings. No layers, no ability to do whatever it is people do. I purposely choose such software because there is so much fraud out there, and it is impossible to edit or do wondrous things in windows paint.

And mostly, I don’t even use paint. Only when I want to crop or add a copyright thingy, to keep the devils from misusing the picture for dark purposes. Which I am told, with photoshop, my retarded little copyright thingy is easily wiped away and replaced.

Yeah…but then you incur judgement and punishment for deception. Misrepresent Dad’s work and forget about it. Especially in our time, when we go no more out (Rev 3-12)

(PS. For Fpaws)

Zounds, once blessed an appearance.

PPS there are actually TWO angels visible.

Every time I say BLESS YOU or I AM PRAYING FOR YOU, to a witch, they recoil in horror. Over and over again. I’ve seen this so many times, it’s beyond counting. A normal person, when you inform them that you are praying for them for whatever, almost always, without thinking, say THANK YOU. Not the devils. They act like you just slapped them in the face. Or if they do acknowledge it, it’s only to save face and it’s some weak and feeble…yeah…thanks.

That’s a big tell, if you are paying attention out there.


12 Him that overcometh will I make a pillar in the temple of YHVH, and he shall go no more out: and I will write upon him the name of YHVH, and the name of the city of YHVH, which is new Jerusalem, which cometh down out of heaven from YHVH: and I will write upon him my new name. 13 He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.


30 But as for me, this secret is not revealed to me for any wisdom that I have more than any living, but for their sakes that shall make known the interpretation to the king, and that thou mightest know the thoughts of thy heart.

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The Daily Messenger: Mikey, fare thee well brother

The Daily Messenger: Mikey, fare thee well brother:  Rest In Peace Mikey Mike April 26th, 2015 Found in a drain pipe, behind a store Mike the cat came to us as a rescue four years …
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The Great Bible Heist: How the West Was Lost

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Mikey, fare thee well brother

 Rest In Peace
Mike April 26th, 2015 Found in a drain pipe, behind a store

Mike the cat came to us as a rescue four years ago on Nathan’s birthday. Odd that, but not really, for us. Because for months, Nater was saying how he wanted a kitten and felt one was coming into our lives. So, because in our family, this makes perfect sense to get information like this, in this fashion, I started keeping an eye out for any cat or kitty, needing a home. Then one day, on Nathan’s birthday, Nathan came home with the fluff ball, calling him after the arc angel Michael. Good name.

And Mikey lived up to that name, in life and deed, I must say. He was a warrior kitty from  the get go. Malefactors ranging from foxes to other animals were given what for and shadow walkers were hissed at. If a network asset came in range, he’d raise his fur and stay far from them.

A very good boy.  

And truly, we all loved him, but he was Nathan’s boy. The two of them were best of friends, though it was moi, whom Mikey followed around. But it was Nathan, to whom Dad sent Mike to. As y’all  may recall, it was Mikey and Nater that Dad gave me a great teaching last month. And us all, really.

Mike vanished from the yard on evening patrol. No one turned him in, all neighbors claimed he has not been seen. Then I got the word yesterday. Anyways, miss you boy, dearly…

Your buggle Daddy and the guys

Mikey last week

One of Mikey’s great gifts…to us all.

Mikey a few days ago…9-9-19

When asked, Dad saidEzekiel 34

1For thus saith the Lord GOD; Behold, I, [even] I, will both search my sheep, and seek them out. 12As a shepherd seeketh out his flock in the day that he is among his sheep [that are] scattered; so will I seek out my sheep, and will deliver them out of all places where they have been scattered in the cloudy and dark day. 13And I will bring them out from the people, and gather them from the countries, and will bring them to their own land, and feed them upon the mountains of Israel by the rivers, and in all the inhabited places of the country. 14I will feed them in a good pasture, and upon the high mountains of Israel shall their fold be: there shall they lie in a good fold, and [in] a fat pasture shall they feed upon the mountains of Israel. 15I will feed my flock, and I will cause them to lie down, saith the Lord GOD. 16I will seek that which was lost, and bring again that which was driven away, and will bind up [that which was] broken, and will strengthen that which was sick: but I will destroy the fat and the strong; I will feed them with judgment.

Full Moon 9-13-19
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green-socialist ideology is destroying Germany

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If you support the “vaping ban”, you’re a…

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New Understandings

After many years of reading and listening to biblical scholars, this much seems clear to me. Our understanding improves over time, with prayer. But revelations is the rock that breaks them all. Only when we pass the point in revelations, time wise, is understanding truly revealed. 

Chuck Missler did a line by line of revelations, which we, our family, eagerly watched and followed, years ago. Then we noticed he left out certain passages, purposely. From that time on, we called anyone who sinned by omission as “doing a Missler.” Check it out, it’s solid. Revelation 3-12. And those that cover that verse, seem to just ignore so obviously what is meant. 

Still, it seems that the best understanding of The Holy Word, is now coming from the young guys, under 28, many of them virgins. It’s the same old material, but with with a fresh new perspective, adding to what is previously revealed. It’s deeper, and quite obviously, this newer generation of scholars, who have NOT been to seminary school, have with them a Deep and Wise understanding of these matters. It’s exciting to hear what Dad is teaching us through these younger guys. What a difference a generation makes, in our times. 

More and more of these new scholars are appearing…some evil well poisoners, others with Dad’s Holy Spirit.

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Gavin & Jennifer Newsom Do Not Vaccinate their own children.

MessiahMews Blogs: Breaking News – Gavin & Jennifer Newsom Do Not Vac…: Kimberly McCauley: Gavin Newsom does not vaccinate his own kids and is reportedly an ex-vaxxer. His kids are vaccine injured, yet he sign…

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For Our Father…who loves us all.

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How to Stop Google Spying, uBlock Origin and Google Alternatives

The focal piece is Senate Bill 276 which will allow the state to investigate doctors who issue five or more medical exemptions in a calendar year, and any medical exemption issued to children attending schools with immunization rates below 95%. Basically targeting vaccine danger aware doctors and threatening them with License Removal.

The bill’s author, state Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, a pediatrician, is a satanic scumbag in service to Moloch.

Critics call the bill government overreach and an assault on the doctor-patient relationship. It has attracted criticism from longtime vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Pan also introduced a contentious bill in 2015 that requires California parents to immunize children against 10 diseases and removed a longstanding personal belief or religious exemption. That measure was signed by Democratic Gov. Jerry Brown.

Interesting that Pan’s fake name is also the name of Lucifer. 

And why is it that most democrats change their name, before starting their political career?

measles west side
Get your thimersol, mercury, and Retro virus all in one pop, and get sicker by the day until you die.

Have Prominent Democrats Concealed Their 'Real' Names from the Public?

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Loose Change 2nd Edition (HD) FULL MOVIE 911 CIA Operation False Flag

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WWI: The Causes, Consequences and Catastrophe – By Dr. Peter Hammond

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Goodbye Globe, 1000% FLAT EARTH PROOF!!

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Massive Plague Sees Millions of Locust Invade Sardinia, Italy

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California Scrubs Controversial Kamala Harris-Era Arrest Reports

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One of The Largest Cases of Its Kind: Feds Indict 80 People In Huge Frau…

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The release of the Watchers, return of the Nephilim and resurrection of …

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Our Spiritual World: The Problem…

Our Spiritual World: The Problem…: Understand? UNICEF? Children First? By these sick monsters? Only a satanist would put their child among these degenerates …

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The Problem…


UNICEF? Children First? By these sick monsters?

Only a satanist would put their child among these degenerates

All actresses are witches in our time.

Satanists running the world
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Warrior status, once upon a time


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7 Easy Ways You Can Tell For Yourself That The Moon Landing Really Never…

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Fire angel after blessing by Don Bradley

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The Promised Land TRUTH of ORIGIN (2019)

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The Hidden Prophecy of Joshua REVEALED (Christian Truthers)

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Another Picture Proves Biblical Earth Flat

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LIVE STREAM – The London Bridge, Arizona and a Judas Coin

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KJ’S WHAT HAPPENED? (Aug 26th thru Sept 3rd)

Millionaire Model Agency Boss and Close Friend of Jeffrey Epstein Jean Luc Brunel — Who Is Thought to Have Information on the Epstein Case — Has Disappeared

Pedophile and child trafficker at large Jean Luc Brunel

Jeffrey Epstein once allegedly had three 12-year-old girls flown in from France and delivered to him as a birthday present, a former “sex slave” says in newly released court documents.

The allegations, reported in August by Joseph Curl, are contained in more than 2,000 pages of a 2005 civil suit brought by Virginia Guiffre, who claims she was forced to become a sex slave for the psychotic billionaire. Those documents were released Aug. 9 — just hours before Epstein allegedly committed suicide.
According to Guiffre, the three young girls from poor families were flown in and molested by Epstein.  The French girls worked from MC2, the modeling agency owned by Jean Luc Brunel, a longtime acquaintance and frequent guest of Epstein’s.


The Daily Beast  reported the outrageous charges.

The details that eventually emerged were often shocking and occasionally bizarre. For Epstein’s birthday one year, according to allegations in a civil suit, he was presented with three 12-year-old girls from France, who were molested then flown back to Europe the next day. These same civil complaints allege that young girls from South America, Europe, and the former Soviet republics, few of whom spoke English, were recruited for Epstein’s sexual pleasure. According to a former bookkeeper, a number of the girls worked for MC2, the modeling agency owned by Jean Luc Brunel, a longtime acquaintance and frequent guest of Epstein’s. Brunel received $1 million from the billionaire around the time he started the agency.

Epstein’s friend Jean-Luc Brunel had such a reputation of abusing models that 60 Minutes did a segment on him years ago.

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Space art and the crap we’ve believed from NASA and Elon Musk

Well, miss actress who auditioned for the role, that oath you took you just violated and there should be a recall effort to get you out of Congress before you betray that oath, and constitution any more than you have.

Bruha AOC giving over the 666 hand sign. Hey Bartender? I bet the public doesn’t know about the three voodoo charms you keep with you at all times, do they? One your mommy gave you, the other two, your “priest.”
the corporate world is trying to sell something. what could that be…

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Flight Attendant reveals best evidence against 9/11 plotters. MUST SEE. DB

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Mass Shooters 2019 and 2018, Odessa gun fight

Odessa death toll now up to seven people.
Seth Ator, before skin whitening by MSM

It’s been over 25 hours since the shooting happened. WHO WAS THE SHOOTER? WHY ARE YOU HIDING HIS IDENTITY?

Finally, Shooter has been identified as Seth Aaron Ator. Jewish. Member of Antifa. One jewish guy with a mexican guy as shooter number 2. Bernie Sanders supporter, Antifa member, Buddhist.

Lots of jews are Buddhists. Jews are Asiatics as they descended from Canaanites who were a mixed race of mongol blood from the line of Cain. Look up on a book named Communism Unmasked by Jean Patrice on p. 257-258 author provides a very interesting quote from Ben Franklin. Founding Fathers were well aware of the serpent’s bloodline. It’s been shrouded in lies about our history. 


Seth Ator’s birthday is 09/27/1982 and is 36 years old. Seth’s Reputation Score is 2.90. Previously cities included Waco TX and Amarillo TX. Seth A Ator and Seth Aaron Ator are some of the alias or nicknames that Seth has used. We know that Seth’s political affiliation is unknown; ethnicity is Native American/Jewish; and religious views are listed as Orthodox Jewish. Currently, Seth is single. Seth maintains relationships with many people — family, friends, associates, & neighbors — including Elissa Ator, Elissa Ator, Dennis Ator, Debra Warren and Deborah Ator. Seth’s net worth hovers over $25,000 – $49,999 with a yearly income that’s about $70 – 79,999. 

Birthday: 9/27/1982
Political Party: Democrat Party
Ethnicity: Native American
Religion: Jewish
Income: $70 – $79,999
Net Worth: $25,000 – $49,999
Relationship: Divorced
Kids: 9


Check Full Background Report to see personal property information. This may contain information such as current home value and purchase price.


Year: 1998
Make: Buick
Model: Park avenue
Year: 1992
Make: Toyota
Model: Tercel

Licenses and Permits

Check Full Background Report to see weapons permits, Federal Aviation Administration pilot licenses and Drug Enforcement Administration licenses for prescribing controlled pharmaceuticals.

This is Me – Control Page

Court & Arrest Records

Court, Arrest or Criminal Records

Seth DOES have Arrest or Criminal Records. Check Full Background Report to see possible arrest or conviction records we have found on Seth. This may include any DUIs, traffic tickets and outstanding warrants. When applicable, we may show where the crime occurred and provide details about the offense.

Lawsuits, Liens or Bankruptcies

Seth may have Lawsuits, Liens or Bankruptcies. Check Full Background Report to see local, state and federal court documents, sensitive legal information and any litigation that Seth may have been involved in. We’ll reveal arrest details like case numbers, offense descriptions, and booking dates, where available.

Sex Offender Status

Seth has Sexual Offenses. Check Full Background Report to see a complete list of any and all sex offenses Seth may have been convicted of and his current sex offender status if applicable.

Eviction Records

Seth may have records indicating that they have been evicted from their home. Check Full Background Report to see a complete list of any and all eviction records Seth may have.

Contact Information


Current Phone Number

Hispanic Jewish American, his own bio


well, three of these were patsies setup by their parents with CIA connections.

But ted Cruz says it was another white supremacist on his facebook.

Meanwhile the Alabama High School shooter has been identified… and yes, if you thought he was black, you’d be right. But, they don’t mention black mass shooters, if they can help, no matter HOW BIG THE BODY COUNT.

Shot 9 people, not a word in the media. Total silence.


Texas cops say these are ALL white people. Only one is, the pedo chick.

It it was a white guy, we’d KNOW EVERYTHING about him and all the rest in less than an hour. But because even these asshats can’t do a makeover to make him look or appear white, they say nothing. And lightening the skin color of the 2nd guy they got in custody didn’t help them, so he went away and they are sticking with ONE SHOOTER. It took 24 hours for them to release his name, after they cleared out his damaging HATE MAGA posts, et al.

Another staged mass shooting has been set up – just in time for Congress critters to pass Red Flag legislation in September, after their summer recess.

Regards Beto the Pedo’s rhetoric about white people bad;
“Hey, Beto, maybe if you stopped trying to make young white men feel guilty for being white, particularly when a lot of opportunities may have dried up for them having to compete with less qualified people of darker skin who are given privileges, your rhetoric would do a lot to stop the so-called ‘epidemic.'” Oh, and Fucko, according to Jews, they are not white, that makes this latest shooter NOT WHITE. 

PS Pedo? You are a white guy, remember that so given the nastiness coming out of your mouth, you should go hang yourself. You will never be president of anything, but you know that already.

It was worth 60 million Russian lives and another 35 million lives worldwide to stop the Nazis. RIght? RIGHT?

Please take note how the media never, ever mentions the shooter if they are NOT WHITE. But if white, they turn it into another hate whitey, get the guns rant.

If it’s a white shooter, they name him as fast as possible.
If it’s a non-white shooter, they’ll just say “a shooter” or “a white male shooter” and then never elaborate.

San Bernadino was categorized as “white male shooter” too, until local news broke into their house and found the pipe bombs and ISIS flags. The Judenpresse was trying to bury it until they couldn’t.

I love how the authorities lobbed the “he was a white guy” grenade out there, just to rile up POC. Show us his picture, give us his name. You won’t because the second you do that, everyone is going to call you out for being the lying shits for the CIA you are.

Cops are not your friends. They are henchman for the ruling class. 

Pay close attention. Right now, they are rushing around and looking very hard at their MKultra list for a viable patsy to kill and replace the body, so they can have whitey for the narrative they already put into place. RIght now, this minute, some young guy is being setup for a hit and the poor guy has no idea what is about to descend upon him.

Ahh…the satanists and their kabbalah of death have all the legislation ready to go…

Dianne dead eyes Feinsten, gunning for the 2nd Amendment’s destruction

Rep. DeLauro, Rosa L. [D-CT-3] sponsor of  H.R.2867 To amend chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, to require the safe storage of firearms, and for other purposes.
FInancial backers (including Yale, Protein Sciences Corp (which reeks of aborted fetal tissue procurement) and General Dynamics) here:
Bill description here
List of Bill cosponsors here:

Rep. Espaillat, Adriano [D-NY-13 sponsor of H.R.2303 Gladys Ricart Gun Offender Registry Act
Financial backers (including Delta Airlines, Major League Baseball Commissioner’s Ofc, Centro Medico Dominicano (*what the he**?):
Bill description here:

Noting that most of these seemingly benign “commonsense bills” have an “and for other purposes” clause.  read the fine print on these multitude of  anti constitutions Bills for 2019-2020
Sen. Blumenthal, Richard [D-CT] sponsor of S.193 Ethans Law, which goes something like this: An estimated 4,600,000 minors in the United States live in homes with at least 1 unsecured firearm.
Financial backers (including NorPAC, meaning he’s owned by Israel. Blackrock, Yale and Fresenius Medical:
A bill to amend chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, to require the safe storage of firearms, and for other purposes. Description and list of cosponsors here:

 Rep. DeLauro, Rosa L. [D-CT-3] sponsor of  H.R.2867 To amend chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, to require the safe storage of firearms, and for other purposes.
FInancial backers (including Yale, Protein Sciences Corp (which reeks of aborted fetal tissue procurement) and General Dynamics) here:
Bill description here
List of Bill cosponsors here:

Sen. Markey, Edward J. [D-MA] sponsor  of S.1795 Keeping Gun Dealers Honest Act of 2019
Financial backers (including Fesenius Medical, Comcast and AT&T) here:
List of cosponsors (including Kamala Harris (not her real name) and Dianne Feinstein) plus bill description here:

 Rep. Langevin, James R. [D-RI-2] sponsor of  H.R.3234 Keeping Gun Dealers Honest Act of 2019
Financial backers (including Boeing, CVS and Blue Cross) here:
Bill description and list of cosponsors here;

Rep. Evans, Dwight [D-PA-3] sponsor of H.R.2585 Resources for Victims of Gun Violence Act of 2019
Financial backers (including Cigna, Home Deport and Genetec-procurers of aborted fetal tissue) here:
Cosponsors list and Bill description here:

Sen. Casey, Robert P., Jr. [D-PA] sponsor of S.1352 Resources for Victims of Gun Violence Act of 2019
Financial backers (including Comcast, Rite Aide and Blue Cross):
Bill description and list of cosponsors here:

Ahh yes, when they can’t quite get their own MSM assets to do a good job in lying.

Well, to keep things in perspective, here are the people, men and women, who shot and killed FOUR OR MORE people, making them, by MSM and FBI definition, a mass shooter.

If these shooters are alt+right, then why don’t they go after Gay pride parade degeneracy, MSM news rooms, Antifa crowds, or rap concerts? Why do we shoot random people at Wal-Mart, schools, and country music concerts full of conservative voters? These targets make no sense unless you’re an Antifa martyr sacrificing yourself in the name of total gun control. Or, the reality of it all, a patsy or a hitter (as in Odessa) who couldn’t be taken alive, because of his occupation as a sicario.  

FBI and MSM call Hispanic killers WHITE to tilt the stats and narrative. These kinds of posters can be seen in Post Offices. Are you getting it yet, whitey?

Odessa initial reports and pictures reveal TWO shooters, one hispanic the other Jewish and member of Antifa.

7 out of every 8 mass shootings are done by people of color. Not a word from the media on these shootings. Download and enlarge.
Oregon Mass shooting, right on time. This one doesn’t count, because Jihadis don’t get reported on.
We can’t have facts now can we? Not when the CIA narrative of gun grabbing crying actresses on the scene is the script of the day.

Gosh, they lightened up Jorge’s skin, the 2nd shooter in Odessa, to make him look like a honky. Jorge is also an illegal alien connected to the cartels. You won’t hear about that in the news, I promise you.

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Know that you are loved

Our Spiritual World: Know that you are loved: New Moon over Ojai Know that you are loved by Don Bradley Forward This may help others, as it has help…

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WordPress says no, to updating blog as a mirror to this mess of ours

So, as I am wont to do, I did my bi-monthly update to the mirror, of the Daily Messenger blog to WordPress. I am blocked. I tried several times over many days and in different ways, but its no use.

Nothing official mind you, just F YOU boy, kind of thing. The kind of passive/aggressive censorship where they retain plausible deniability.

So, I am in search of new mirror digs. If anyone has a suggestion about a reliable blog server that will allow the occasional massive data inflows, please drop me a line.

Mirrors are necessary, especially when I spend so  very much time raining on the parade of evil having its way with the world.

Remember, the site must be able to take a great deal of data, posts and pics. And no restrictions for webmaster or user. Tall order in our time of censorship, I know.

But, there it is.

And I do thank you.


Authored by Andrew McCarthy via,
The former deputy director’s FBI coddled Clinton and addled Trump. Now he seeks clemency… even as he sues the Justice Department…

They serve the beast and the beast’s bitch. Then she died and all hell broke loose.

Jezebel a month before her death in Sept 2016. Too much adrenechrome and human blood cannibalism known as KURU, which creates a terrible medical condition over the long term. She had EXACTLY the medical symptoms of the disease which is WHY her SS detail was filled with doctors and not field agents. It was only a matter of time and that time was on 9-11-16. A poignant and much deserved fate for such an evil bitch as she was. I am proud to say, I personally took it upon my self three months before her death to work on her, spiritually speaking, with fire and demonic eviction. Her death came as no surprise to me. It saved this country from a nuclear holocaust and a satanic/demonic wave of evil beyond imagining.   

Hillary Clinton checked every box for a violation of the Espionage Act. So much so that, in giving her a pass, the FBI figured it better couch her conduct as “extremely careless,” rather than “grossly negligent.” The latter description was stricken from an earlier draft of then-director James Comey’s remarks because it is, verbatim, the mental state the statute requires for a felony conviction. It wouldn’t do to have an “exoneration” statement read like a felony indictment.

In point of fact, the careless/negligent semantic game was a sideshow. Mrs. Clinton’s unlawful storage and transmission of classified information had been patently willful. In contemptuous violation of government standards, which she was bound not only to honor but to enforce as secretary of state, she systematically conducted her government business by private email, via a laughably unsecure homebrew server set-up. Her Obama administration allies stress that it was not her purpose to harm national security, but that was beside the point. The crime was mishandling classified information, and she committed it. And even if motive had mattered (it didn’t), her purpose was to conceal the interplay between her State Department and the Clinton Foundation, and to avoid generating a paper trail as she prepared to run for president. No, that’s not as bad as trying to do national-security harm, but it’s condemnable all the same.

While Clinton’s mishandling of classified information got all the attention, it was just the tip of the felony iceberg. Thousands of the 33,000 emails she withheld and undertook to “bleach bit” into oblivion related to State Department business. It is a felony to misappropriate even a single government record. The destruction of the emails, moreover, occurred after a House Committee investigating the Benghazi massacre issued subpoenas and preservation directives to Clinton’s State Department and Clinton herself. If Andrew Weissmann and the rest of the Mueller probe pit-bulls had half as solid an obstruction case against Donald Trump, the president would by now have been impeached, removed, and indicted.
And that dichotomy is the point, isn’t it?
In the Obama Justice Department — as extended by the Mueller investigation, staffed by Obama Justice Department officials and other Clinton-friendly Democrats — justice was dispensed with a partisan eye. If you were Hillary Clinton, you skated. If you were Donald Trump, they were determined to dig until they found something — and, even when they failed to make a case, the digging never stopped . . . it just shifted to Capitol Hill.
No one knows the skewed lay of the land better than Andrew McCabe.
The FBI’s former deputy director is in the Justice Department’s crosshairs. His lawyers are reportedly pleading with top officials not to indict him for lying to FBI agents who were probing a leak of investigative information, orchestrated by none other than McCabe.
McCabe is feeling the heat because the evidence that he made false statements is daunting. So daunting, in fact, that even he concedes he did not tell the truth to investigators. Listen carefully to what he says about the case — there being no shortage of public commentary on it from the newly minted CNN analyst. He never “deliberately misled anyone,” he insists. Sure, he grudgingly admits, some of his statements “were not fully accurate,” or perhaps were “misunderstood” by his interrogators. But “at worst,” you see, “I was not clear in my responses, and because of what was going on around me may well have been confused and distracted.”
Seems to me that General Michael Flynn “may well have been confused and distracted,” too. After all, it was on Flynn’s insanely busy first full day on the job as the new president’s national-security adviser that McCabe and Comey dispatched two agents — Peter Strzok and Joe Pientka — to brace him for an interview.
As our Rich Lowry recounts, Comey later bragged to an audience of like-minded anti-Trumpers at the 92nd Street Y that he knew this was a breach of protocol. Because seeking to interview a member of the president’s staff in a criminal investigation is a big deal, the Bureau is supposed to go through the attorney general, who alerts the White House counsel. That ensures that the administration is aware of the situation, and that the suspected staffer is advised of the reason for the interview and given an opportunity to consult with a lawyer.

Of course, if protocol had been followed, McCabe would not have been able to have Flynn grilled without preparation and without counsel. That put Flynn in a very different posture from Hillary Clinton.
She got every courtesy. The FBI not only scheduled her interview well in advance; before she showed up, before they asked her a single question, they had already finished drafting Comey’s statement exonerating her. Not just that. Clinton was permitted to bring along — among her phalanx of lawyers — her State Department aides Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson, key witnesses who had gotten immunity from prosecution. (In a real investigation, they’d have been considered subjects, not witnesses.) Allowing witnesses to sit in as lawyers was not just a violation of Justice Department practice (to say nothing of common sense). Federal criminal law prohibits former officials from lobbying the government on behalf of another person in a matter in which the former official was heavily involved while working for the government.
Recall that when he decided against an indictment of Clinton, Comey famously pronounced that “no reasonable prosecutor” would charge her. Even though Clinton’s conduct technically transgressed the law, the then-director rationalized that he could find no prior Espionage Act prosecution for gross negligence on facts analogous to Clinton’s case.
Where exactly would we expect find analogous facts? Not much precedent about secretaries of state sedulously setting up non-government communications systems for years of correspondence involving thousands of classified communications. But let’s put this historical anomaly aside. Let’s even ignore that military officials have been prosecuted for less-egregious classified-information violations. Here’s the point: In giving Clinton a pass, Comey explained that “responsible” prosecutorial decisions “consider the context of a person’s actions, and how similar situations have been handled in the past.”
Okay . . . then how is it that General Flynn gets investigated and charged?
Flynn, as a member of Trump’s transition team and incoming national-security adviser, had been consulting with the Russian ambassador, among other foreign counterparts. Context? There was nothing illegal or illegitimate about such communications. And even if it had been appropriate for the FBI and the Justice Department to inquire into the foreign policy of the incoming president elected by the American people, the Bureau did not need to interview Flynn. They had recordings of the conversations. What reason could there have been to question Flynn about them — without playing the recordings for him — except to lay the groundwork for a false-statements prosecution?
Moreover, how have similar situations been handled in the past? In investigating Flynn, the Obama Justice Department and the FBI theorized that he might have violated the Logan Act, a dubious law that purports to criminalize foreign policy freelancing by private citizens. Despite being on the books for over two centuries, the Logan Act has never resulted in a successful prosecution. Not once. In fact, it has not even been used to indict anyone in the last 170 years. Indeed, but for its desuetude, the Logan Act would certainly have been held unconstitutional; because the Justice Department never invokes it, no one has had the opportunity to challenge it. Yet, the Logan Act was used to justify investigating Flynn — a transition official whose very job entailed consultation with foreign officials.
As we noted a few days ago, the FBI and Mueller’s investigators prosecuted George Papadopoulos for lying about the date of a meeting. Though the lie was inconsequential to the probe, they made the then-28-year-old eat a felony charge. And while they could easily have had his lawyer surrender him for processing on the charge and quick release on bail, they instead choreographed an utterly unnecessary nighttime arrest that forced him to spend a night in jail.
Suffice it to say that Paul Combetta did not get the Papadopoulos brass-knuckles treatment.
Combetta was not prosecuted even though he brazenly lied to the FBI about the circumstances of his destruction of Clinton’s private emails. He was the key witness who had been in communication with Clinton confederates before and after his bleach-bit blitz through Clinton’s emails. In a normal case, prosecutors would charge him with obstruction and false statements to pressure him into cooperating. In the Clinton caper, though, he was given immunity . . . and duly clammed up.
No false-statements charges against Combetta. No false-statements charges against Cheryl Mills and Huma Abedin, intimate Clinton aides who claimed not to know about Clinton’s private server while they worked for her at the State Department — even though emails show them involved in discussions about the server.
In the Clinton investigation, if you were a lawyer, such as Mills and Samuelson, the Obama Justice Department said “pretty please” and gave you immunity — rather than a subpoena — to induce you to surrender private laptop computers containing classified Clinton emails. And then the Justice Department, in consultation with the Clinton camp’s lawyers, imposed restrictions on what the FBI could look at and what its agents could ask. After all, we wouldn’t want to imperil the attorney-client privilege, right?
Well, at least as long as you were not a lawyer in the Trump-Russia investigation. If you were, as was Melissa Laurenza, an attorney who worked for Paul Manafort and Rick Gates, prosecutors and the FBI compelled you to testify about client communications. If you were Trump lawyer Michael Cohen, the FBI executed search warrants at your home and office, and you were prosecuted. So was Alex van der Zwaan, an attorney who worked with Manafort and Gates in representing Ukrainian interests. He was induced to plead guilty to a false-statements charge in the Mueller probe.
And needless to say, if you were Manafort, there was no act-of-production immunity for you. And no one asked “pretty please” for you to turn over evidence. Under the Mueller team’s direction, the FBI got search warrants allowing them to break into Manafort’s home before dawn and at gunpoint to seize documents. Of course, this seems like kid-gloves treatment compared to what was done to Manafort’s friend and fellow Trump adviser, Roger Stone. The S.W.A.T.-style raid on Stone’s home included helicopter surveillance, an amphibious team (apparently to guard against escape by sea), and so many FBI vehicles that the CNN crew that just happened to be on scene almost couldn’t find a parking space! Was that show of force really necessary for a 66-year-old man charged with nonviolent process crimes whom the court released on bail a few hours later?
Mueller spent nearly two years trying to make an obstruction case against Trump for endeavoring to influence the Russia investigation. Congressional Democrats are still trying to breathe impeachment life into this effort. By contrast, the media-Democrat complex was unperturbed when Obama publicly announced in April 2016 that he did not think Clinton should be indicted. Far from accusing the 44th president of endeavoring to influence an investigation, the prosecutors and the press amplified Obama’s narrative that Clinton had not intended to harm the country — and dutifully looked the other way when the FBI airbrushed Obama’s name out of Comey’s Clinton exoneration speech (the president having knowingly communicated with Clinton through her unsecure server when she emailed him from a hostile foreign country).
The goal was to make Clinton’s crimes disappear, while suspicions about Trump were was blazoned on the public consciousness. Even though the Trump-Russia probe was a counterintelligence investigation, then-director Comey went public about it in March 2017 congressional testimony.
That was stunning. It is not enough to say that the Justice Department and the FBI customarily neither confirm nor deny the existence of any investigation, no matter how comparatively trivial. Counterintelligence investigations are classified. They are never spoken of. Yet, Comey both revealed the investigation and identified the Trump campaign as a subject, suspected of “coordinating” in Russia’s cyberespionage. For good measure, he gratuitously added that an assessment would be made about whether crimes had been committed. As any sensible person would have foreseen, the FBI director’s proclamation was taken by the media and the public as a signal that President Trump was the prime suspect in one of the most heinous crimes in American history.
To say the least, a different tune was sung in the Clinton emails probe. There, Comey acceded to the instructions of Obama’s attorney general, Loretta Lynch, that he not publicly speak of it as an investigation. Just call it “a matter,” he was told. Funny thing about that: it sounded exactly like what the Clinton campaign was saying at the time.
I don’t pretend to be a McCabe fan. Nevertheless, I have sympathy for him. The 2016 election will define his career, but it does not fairly reflect his long years of service defending the rule of law and American national security. If we could consider his case in a vacuum, and I had my druthers, I would not want to charge him. He was fired for cause in disgrace and is slated to lose at least some of his pension. These are significant penalties. I’d like to be able to say, “Enough is enough, no need to pile on with an indictment.”
But there’s more to it than that. A lot more.
For one thing, McCabe is suing the government for wrongful termination, arguing that he was fired due to a political vendetta carried on by President Trump. I certainly agree that the president should not have commented on McCabe’s case or status. As I’ve repeatedly argued, the president’s often-unhinged commentary makes investigations and prosecutions much more difficult to execute. It has already resulted in slap-on-the-wrist treatment for deserter Bowe Bergdahl, who should have received a stiff sentence.
That said, though, it is an audacious strategy on McCabe’s part to (a) ask the Justice Department to exercise clemency by declining to charge an eminently prosecutable false-statements case against him, while (b) simultaneously hauling the Justice Department into court on an accusation of bad faith in a case in which McCabe leaked and then provided explanations that weren’t true. If I were the attorney general, my inclination would be to say, “If he’s going to make us go to war, let’s go to war on offense — indict him.”
More significantly, we are now living in a law-enforcement world of McCabe’s making.
Again, in a better world, I’d prefer to take account of the considerable positive side of McCabe’s ledger and what he’s already suffered, especially if he exhibited some contrition. That is, I’d ordinarily be open to declining prosecution. But then, how about the positive side of General Flynn’s ledger? And why, if it would be overkill to charge McCabe was it not overkill to charge Papadopoulos? Why do Clinton, Mills, Abedin, and Combetta get a pass in a criminal investigation triggered by actual crimes, but Flynn, Papadopoulos, van der Zwaan, and Stone get hammered in an investigation predicated by no crime — just a fever dream of Trump-Russia cyberespionage conspiracy?
FBI and Justice Department officials keep telling us they grasp that there must be one standard of justice applicable to everyone, not a two-tiered system. So, here’s the question: If Andrew McCabe’s name were Michael Flynn, how much mercy could he expect from, say, Andrew Weissmann?

Satanists wallow in spiritual filth, so it makes sense they want the physical world to be wallowing in the filth of their stunted souls. And this freak isn’t the only blue haired idiot to say and restrict the cleaning of human waste from the streets of America.

Authored by Mac Slavo via,
Even though the courthouse and plenty of Seattle’s streets are covered in human fecal matter thanks to the socialist policies that have pushed people into poverty, a democrat has decided the streets cannot be cleaned up using a pressure washer.  Using this method to get the feces off the streets is racist said city council member Larry Gossett in a tweet.

The King County courthouse in downtown Seattle is located near the social service centers and several homeless shelters. A tent city has sprung up in the little park outside. There have been several assaults on courthouse employees, and even two attacks on jurors In May and June, leading to citizens summoned for jury duty to voice concerns about their safety, according to a report by RT

Judges Laura Inveen and Jim Rogers, backed by King County Sheriff John Urquhart, asked the county to do something about the violence and the fecal matter that continues to pile up, the Seattle Times reported last month. Among their requests was a daily power-wash of the sidewalks, which reek of urine and excrement.
Bu Councilmember Larry Gossett objected to the measure because power-washing brought back images of the use of hoses against civil-rights activists,” according to the Seattle Times.

High-pressure water hoses were used by police in Birmingham, Alabama against civil rights protesters back in 1963. They have also been used to wash sidewalks in most American cities on a daily basis ever since, without being accused of racism – until now. We have democrats to thank for the ridiculous and unending racism that’s lingering.

This is 2019 when everything is racist – the New York Times says so – and anyone who doesn’t call it out is assumed to be an enabler, according to the rules of the woke cancel culture. So, the sidewalks of Seattle must remain covered in human waste, lest someone gets offended. -RT

“Gossett’s concern here is nothing short of insane,” wrote Kat Timpf in National Review“What else are you going to do — not wash them? Because I really, really reject the idea that leaving sidewalks covered with human bodily waste is the less offensive move in this (or any) situation.” And many on Twitter agreed that Gossett’s view was insane.

Gossett claimed pressure washers were racist in 2017, however, it’s 2019, the streets are still filled with human poop and the solution from democrats is to not wash them. Because…racism. This is now our dystopian reality.

Posted by: the daily messenger | August 31, 2019

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