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Feckless satanist KVNTS go after Trump


This all started with Uranium One.  Hillary must be elected in 2016 to control the narrative and gloss it into past history.  But the nasty witch died on Sept 11 2016, as reported by the hospital, ABC news, among dozens of other news outlets that night, then by next morning, any trace – save for a few youtube videos of the announcement – was washed. Then the evil KVNT disappeared and all the Dems did was run her ads, but the only real time shots of the Hildebeast was from far away, clearly using body doubles.

Which clearly shows the CIA and the satanic cabal did and was planning on electing a corpse for POTUS. They’ve used many doubles since then, and have settled on the one that looks…mostly like her. The eyes are a dead giveaway. The voice is wrong too. This isn’t the first time a double took the place of a dead person, ala Paul McCartney.

They manipulated the voting (Brenda Snipes in Dade for one blatant example…many more)…everything in their power to ensure Dem control is retained in the WH to cover their U1 asses.  They didn’t count on the Donald, and the people. (“People” are worthless to a democratic 23 out of every 24 months).

“Russia-gate” (called “Red Dawn” in the Bensenson Strategy Groups “Salvage Project” report submitted to Podesta prior to Oct 16 – see WikiLeaks) was option #1 as advised by long standing Political strategist and Obama, Podesta, HRC used firm, BSG.
Podesta took the “Salvage Report” from BSG and utilized option 1, 3 (Antifa), & 4(BLMatters) to concoct a diversion away from U1, and with the MSM created the Russian Hoax and the Resistance… All to discredit Trump and to protect the U1 players even after the Dems lost control.

Now that Trump is close to exposing the exact trappings of the above mentioned plot (Crowdstrike is “the key“!), the criminals involved from Obama top-down must impeach or face prosecution.  The race is on and will end once Barr Durham & Horawicz turn in their papers, but the GOP wants to maximize the political effect and will release as close to 11/2020 as prudently possible, preventing any attempt at a Democrat counterpoint.

After Trump asked his Ukrainian counterpart on July 25 to investigate pro-Clinton Ukrainian meddling in the 2016 US election, and allegations of corruption against Joe Biden and his son Hunter, a CIA officer who worked with the ‘DNC meddler’ and Joe Biden filed a second-hand whistleblower complaint on a recently altered form (which previously allowed only first-hand information).
First, let’s take a deeper look at the whistleblower, reported by investigative reporter Paul Sperry to be Eric Ciaramella (EC) (via RedState’s Elizabeth Vaughn, emphasis ours):

He submitted a whistleblower complaint on August 12th.
He is a registered Democrat.
He is a CIA analyst who specializes in Russia and Ukraine. He ran the Ukraine desk at the National Security Council (NSC) in 2016.
He was detailed over to the NSC in the summer of 2015 and worked for then-National Security Adviser Susan Rice.
He worked for former Vice President Joe Biden when he served as the Obama administration’s “point man” for Ukraine. He may have flown over to Ukraine with Biden on Air Force Two.
He worked for former CIA Director John Brennan and appeared to have been a highly valued employee.
In June 2017, then-National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster appointed EC to be his personal aide.
EC did not have direct knowledge of the July 25th conversation between President Trump and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. It is very possible he learned about the call from NSC Director for European Affairs Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, who testified last week before Adam Schiff’s House Intelligence Committee.
EC contacted at least one of Schiff’s staff members prior to filing his complaint. Two of EC’s colleagues from the NSC were hired by Adam Schiff this year, one of whom, Sean Misko, was hired in August.
He was posted to the NSC in the White House’s West Wing in mid-2017 and “left amid concerns about negative leaks to the media. He has since returned to CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia.”
EC worked with hyper-partisan Ukrainian-American lawyer and activist Alexandra Chalupa in 2016 to dig up dirt on Trump. (Chalupa’s name will become very familiar as this scandal unravels.) The pro-Hillary Chalupa, a former DNC contractor, has worked in the Clinton administration and has held various staff positions for Democratic lawmakers. Sperry wrote: “Documents confirm the DNC opposition researcher attended at least one White House meeting with Ciaramella in November 2015.  She visited the White House with a number of Ukrainian officials lobbying the Obama administration for aid for Ukraine.”
Sperry reported that “federal records show Biden’s office invited Ciaramella to an October 2016 state luncheon the vice president hosted for Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi. Other invited guests included Brennan, as well as then-FBI Director James Comey and then-National Intelligence Director James Clapper.  (Sperry: Several U.S. officials told RCI that the invitation that was extended to Ciaramella, a relatively low-level GS-13 federal employee, was unusual and signaled he was politically connected inside the Obama White House.) –RedState

And now he won’t testify, while another witness in the case, Alex Vindman (likely Ciaramella’s source), had to be reprimanded by his superior officer for “inappropriate and partisan behavior in the military.

So, Trump starts asking about Biden and DNC election meddling with Ukraine, establishment loyalists flip out, and a CIA officer who worked with Biden and the ‘meddler’ (Alexandra Chalupa) files a whistleblower complaint which becomes the foundation of the current impeachment proceedings.
Now absorb this brief detour from Wall St. Journal columnist Holman W. Jenkins, Jr., who bluntly describes the fundamental flaw with the impeachment push; the Bidens appear to have engaged in something in Ukraine worth looking into – while Congressional Democrats and their MSM messengers destroyed their own credibility over Russiagate.

Mr. Biden can claim he was uninfluenced by his son’s employment. But his staff knew about the job. The Ukrainians knew. America’s European allies knew. The World Bank and International Monetary Fund knew. All knew that Burisma had to be pussyfooted around to avoid causing a scandal for Mr. Biden that might mess up the Obama administration’s ability to sustain support for the shaky regime.
This is what made Hunter Biden worth the money Burisma paid him to sit on its board between April 2014 and April 2019. And whatever the reason for firing prosecutor Viktor Shokin, it was decidedly not with the goal of making trouble for Burisma.

Which brings us to the Achilles’ heel of this impeachment if the goal is to bring along a broad public: Democrats’ and the media’s astonishing and studied obliviousness to the bonfire they made of their own credibility with the Russia hoax. Unless I miss my guess, even many Trump-skeptical voters have no interest in giving victory to so corrupt an opposition. –WSJ

And now, the theories:
Given Ciaramella’s rise within the Obama administration intelligence community, radio host Rush Limbaugh frames him as a spy:

“He’s lurking in there in the West Wing as an Obama holdover. He’s essentially a spy for John Brennan, and he’s there to do the dirty work of the deep state.” –Rush Limbaugh

Limbaugh cites journalist Sharyl Attkisson who wrote in response to Sperry’s ‘outing’ of Ciaramella, ” If the reporting is correct, it implies the “whistleblower” could have been worried Trump was getting close to uncovering Democrat links to Ukraine’s interference in US elections in 2016.

And if Ciaramella was a deep-state spy in the West Wing, former FBI employees Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are potentially involved – as pieced together by Fox News contributor and former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino, who starts with an April 25 letter from Senators Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Ron Johnson (R-WI) to Attorney General William Barr asking about cryptic text messages between Strzok and Page in which they discuss someone named “Charlie” who may be “the CI guy.”

Strzok and Page may be talking about Ciaramella being a “Confidential Informant” (CI), or spy – and notes that Paul Sperry may have dropped a hint in the way he included a “pronunciation note” regarding the whistleblower’s name (pronounced char-a-MEL-ah) may have referred to “Charlie” in the Strzok/Page texts.

As noted by RedState:

Finally, also discussed, is an invitation for a series of events sponsored by major Clinton Foundation donor ($25 million) and Ukrainian oligarch Victor Pinchuk in the spring of 2016. It looks to be an Ukrainian outreach type of event. Ukrainian member of parliament Olga Bielkova is scheduled to meet with none other than Eric Ciaramella. She hates Trump. (This can be viewed at 22:08 in the video.)

The emerging image of EC shows him to be a hyper-partisan Democrat, well-connected within the ranks of the deep state, who was possibly spying on the Trump White House for the FBI. As voters see the individual behind the whistleblower complaint which has triggered an impeachment inquiry, they will “have thoughts” about the Democrats.

Perhaps we’ll find out more about Ciaramella from John Durham, the prosecutor appointed by Barr to investigate the origins of the “Russiagate” counterintelligence operation against the Trump campaign. As Rush Limbaugh puts it, this is a race between impeachment and a Durham indictment.

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The Passion of Isaac Kappy – Tracy Twyman, Steve Outtrim, SB & Jem May 2…

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Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines their Mind Control – Fritz Springmeier

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Battered Dykes and Lesbians

In this day and age, few people realize that domestic violence and abuse affects lesbian 
couples at a disproportionate rate to their gay and straight couple counterparts. As a society, 
we regularly attribute sex crimes as a predominantly male offense, but a study published by 
the University of Houston-Downtown titled “Sexual coercion in gay/lesbian relationships: 
descriptive and gender differences,” found that up to 50% of lesbian victims experienced 
sexual abuse from a female partner. To the surprise of absolutely no one, multiple studies 
found that as few as 1 in 4 and  as many as 9 in 10 lesbian couples reported psychological 
abuse occurring at least one time during their relationships.
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BREAKING: CNN President Jeff Zucker CONFRONTED by Project Veritas in ATL…

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Antifa is actually being run by network satanists

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Jason Goodman, CIA Operative

Sheep dipped operative? Hey Jason, does your real name start with MARK?

Insane in the Ukraine Part 3 – Sheep Dipping the Truther?

Previous coverage:
Insane in the Ukraine Part 1 – J.Go Like You’ve Never Seen Him Before
Insane in the Ukraine Part 2 – The Spin Begins
It seems that all roads lead to Ukraine in the news cycle right now. We have Glenn Beck taking to the chalk board in a 2-hour special to break it down for us. The Trump impeachment story and the Ukraine story are intimately intertwined, with the Atlantic Council financing an Adam Schiff staffer’s trip to Ukraine just as the latest “whistleblower” plot to topple President Trump was being launched.
It has now come to light in the mainstream media that the sons of Joe Biden and John Kerry teamed up with the nephew of Whitey Bulger in a “shady private equity firm” to get lucrative oil and gas contracts in Ukraine and China. Nancy Pelosi’s son was there doing deals too.
Former Breitbart journalist Lee Stranahan (who is a registered foreign agent working for Russian state-sponsored propaganda outlet Sputnik) has been banging the Ukraine drum for a while now. He’s the guy who introduced his long-time friend Jason Goodman to George Webb. He now seems to be hanging out with Webb, from whom Goodman has distanced himself.
So here we have two prominent alt-media personalities, closely connected to each other, covering politics, both defendants in lawsuits, and both connected to Ukraine. We explored this in more detail in part 1 and part 2.

Ukrainian Nazis, you say? Hmmm…Source:

We have received some updated information from a source I’ll call Raven. This provided some leads for further investigation. While I have no way to confirm the identity of Raven, I believe I know who it is and find them to be a very talented researcher who collaborates with other researchers I also greatly respect. I have vetted the information they have provided as much as possible and it has all checked out, but as always, Do Your Own Research.
Jason Goodman has been enraged by the opinions I have expressed about him and his various lawsuits on this blog and my YouTube channel. He calls me a liar while lying about me; but like others in the #BlueTeam who use the same attack vector, he has yet to provide a single example of an alleged lie nor any piece of evidence to refute any claim I have made. He’s had years now. Meanwhile we always present the evidence we are using to draw conclusions. The citations are in the hyperlinks – nearly 200 in this post. Where are Jason’s citations?

Sheep Dip the Spoof

Raven believes that Jason Goodman was taken out of military intelligence and “sheep-dipped” to create an artificial career in Hollywood. Sounds preposterous? Consider the evidence we are presenting here and decide for yourself.

21st Century 3D

The first anomaly we must consider is Jason Goodman’s company “21st Century 3D”.
According to the official story, it was founded in the 20th Century. 3D film technology has been around since the 1890’s (cf The Modern Supernatural and the Beginnings of Cinema) . Like “Virtual Reality”, they keep re-launching it as “the next big thing” but it never seems to really cross the chasm into mainstream acceptance as a default technology.
Officially, 21c3d began in 1999 when the company changed its name:


In May 2001, Jason Goodman was still writing letters as President of Multimedia Software Design.
The 21st Century 3D web site was launched in July 2001, claiming it as a division of MultiMedia Software Design. If the company changed its name in 1999, why would they describe it as a division in 2001? I can find no record of the company name being changed as Jason Goodman states above.
In 2001 their web site claimed the parent company was founded in 1992:

Note client list: Warner Bros. This particular studio keeps coming up in the Isaac Kappy story. New Line Cinema is a division of Warner Bros. The Bronfmans of NXIVM and Seagrams fame have ties to the Warner group.

I can’t find the name Jason Goodman anywhere in the 2001 web sites of 21st Century 3D or its parent company Multimedia Software Design. The latter’s web archive goes back to 1996 – they may have had a web site earlier, but I don’t think we had the Internet archive earlier.
From 2004 started redirecting to Jason Goodman’s name is still not there but there is a 2004 picture of him appearing to operate a camera.
The first mention of his name I can find on the Web site of 21st Century 3D was in February 2006. He is not described as CEO or President.
Jason Goodman is mentioned on the Multimedia Software Design website in November 1998 in relation to a column he wrote in Keyframe magazine. Once again, he is not described as CEO or President.

What’s the Problem?

The problem is that this “Jason Goodman” character – who supposedly has a 25 year+ long career in Hollywood – has basically nothing on the Internet documenting his activities in the movie industry until the late Noughties. There seems to be a 16 year gap.
His LinkedIn page tells two conflicting stories. He claims that 21st Century 3D was started in July 1993. Yet he didn’t graduate from NYU Film School until 1994. Why was he saying 1992 for Multimedia Software Design in 2001? In 1992 Jason Goodman was 19 years old and in the 3rd year of a 5-year college degree in Film. Why was he saying 1999 for 21st Century 3D in 2011? Real resumés don’t change years and company names over time.

Source: LinkedIn

Raven has searched but has not been able to verify that this Jason Goodman really graduated with a degree from NYU. It might seem at first glance that he was there for 4 years, but this is actually 5 years of college (my own 3 year degree was 1990-92). Jason Goodman was 17 in 1990.
The Wayback machine does not have Jason’s LinkedIn page archived, but my one is saved in 2008 and 2009. This suggests that his page was created later than 2009, and LinkedIn profiles no longer get crawled by the Wayback machine.

The New York State Department’s Corporations Division tells another story again. They have no listing for “MultiMedia Software Design” (nor could I find one in California). However there is one of “MultiMedia System Design”. This company was registered on the summer solstice, June 21 1994.

Trademark Search

When Jason Goodman registered the trademark for “Crowdsource the Truth”, claiming its first commercial use was October 1 2016, he did so in the name of Multimedia System Design Inc.


I could find no trademark for 21st Century 3d, 21c3d, MultiMedia Software Design, or MultiMedia System Design.
The US Patent and Trademark Office does have three registered trademark entries for Multimedia Systems Design Inc. Their mark was filed on June24, 1998 by Miller Freeman Inc, a publishing company in San Francisco founded in 1902. The trademark was issued in 2000. They would not have been able to get this if there was another company with such a similar name already doing business in the multimedia field.


Once again, the evidence does not match the story. If the story is legit, it should be easy for Mr Goodman to demonstrate this by showing incorporation documents, pointing us to his trademark or certificates of stock ownership, perhaps showing us bank statements or invoices.

Jason Goodman has called me a liar without identifying and refuting with evidence even a single alleged “lie”.
I have just demonstrated with evidence that Jason Goodman is lying on his LinkedIn page about his company history and name. There was no 21st Century 3d in 1993; as a legal entity, there still doesn’t appear to be one today. Even 20 years ago, his company was lying about both its history and its name. The difference between 1992 and 1994 might not seem significant but in the world of multimedia and the web it is the difference between being a pioneer and a latecomer.

What Happened 1994-2009?

The 21c3D YouTube channel was started in July 2009. Interestingly, the location is listed as the U.K.

One would think that a video production company that had been doing business for 15-17 years by the time they launched their YouTube channel would have a bunch of epic stuff they had done for their clients to post. There’s not a single video that I can associate with a date prior to 2009.

Here’s their 2013 demo reel:

Is that Cameron Diaz? If so, she looks more like 2013 Cameron Diaz than 1994 Cameron Diaz

Why does a Multimedia Software Design company have a “clinical research manager”?


A TruthFinder background report on Jason Goodman reveals some more interesting connections – companies that are not listed in his LinkedIn profile.


I can’t find anything online for LEVY:ARIE Media Brokers.
I did find a “Goodman Media Group” (no longer in business) out of New York with Jason Goodman as President, publishing UFO magazines:

The “Fit Yoga” President Jason Goodman has the same address as the Goodman Media Group one. There is nothing to show that they are all the same person, other than that’s what it says in his background report.

Terminator Takeover

In November 2014 Jason Goodman was named in an SEC filing as a member of the board of directors of Brick Top Productions, a Florida company that took over the Carolco brand (producers of Terminator 2, Rambo 1-3, Angel Heart, Basic Instinct and Israeli military propaganda film Iron Eagle II).


Last year the company, now called Recall Productions, paid $200 million to acquire an Artificial Intelligence business. Jason Goodman does not appear to be on the Board these days.
Carolco’s Lebanese founder Mario Kassar selected Goodman for his “oeuvre as substantial as some of the other great cinematographers”:


So where is this “substantial oeuvre”? Surely even one clip from it would be in his show reel? Or was Mr Kassar talking about the bikini car wash in 3D?

Seen Holding Statues

A “three-time Lumiere Award winning Innovator”, that sounds impressive. Innovator is even capitalized! Unfortunately for Mr Goodman (and other Officers of this publicly traded company potentially submitting false information to the SEC) this has been completely debunked by The Hudson Report in Jason Goodman: From Russia With Love

Since publishing this story: all of the pictures of Goodman with the Lumiere Awards statues have been ‘scrubbed’ from images in a Google search. Is someone on the Google team providing support for Goodman’s cover? The only picture with Jason Goodman holding the statues… now links to his IMDB page which has a description.
The funny thing about this description, is that it didn’t exist before this story was published. Once again, Goodman tries to change history using false information to support the ongoing ‘cover’ that he has developed and promoted for years. The International 3D Society’s 4th Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards Ceremony of 2013 NEVER presented Goodman with any awards. He did not win anything. How do we know? Here’s the documentation…Four different articles that provide the list of winners for the 2013 The International 3D Society’s 4th Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards Ceremony.
Goodman is not on any of the lists. He did not win any awards.
Goodman’s Lumiere Awards picture is designed to mislead the public. The evidence speaks for itself…
Source: The Hudson Report

This pattern of claiming credits for awards not received was repeated when Jason and his sidekick Charles Ortel made a big deal about “getting nominated for a Peabody Award” – which anyone can nominate somebody for. See CryptoBeast #2 – #Clownsource the #Peabody

Where Are The Credits?

The movie industry is not like software. If I start a company and take it public in an IPO, there might be some names of CxOs or other Key Personnel mentioned in documents, but you’re not going to read the names of the receptionist or development team. Hollywood is the opposite. Watch a movie all the way to the end and you will see “credits”. Everyone who worked on that movie is listed, “junior assistant to key grip” and so on.
Jason Goodman does show up in movie credits…but not until much later in his alleged career.
The movie industry has IMDB, the Internet Movie Database. You can go to it and search peoples’ names and see what movies they were in.
Jason Goodman does have an IMDB profile. The first entry is 2009.

There is not a single credit for any work between 1992 and 2009, even though 21st Century 3D had a Los Angeles office in this time period. This seems #HighlySuspicious.

Will the Real Jason Goodman Please Stand Up?

“Jason Goodman” is a common enough name – which makes it convenient for cover stories. There are other Jason Goodmans in Hollywood, such as this guy who made Bill Clinton: the Rock and Roll President

…and this guy

…who played “boy head” in a creepy pedo-ish video which begins with a teen male awaking with an erection, moves to close ups of him zipping his fly, then shows him covered in blood at a “killer” party surrounded by adults with their skin being cut revealing them as reptilians. Just some of the “other” Hollywood Jason Goodmans. Note the icon on this one’s web site:

There’s also this guy:


…and this guy:

Wire-rimmed glasses. A slight build that can’t fill up his uniform. The name is the same and they look very similar. The article describes Sergeant Goodman as “a guy who likes to slip into the background”.
In Part 1 I showed a video of Jason presenting in London in March 2014 as CEO of AeroCine, whose principals had just flown a drone equipped with high definition surveillance capabilities over Ukraine’s Chernobyl nuclear site in February 2014, the time of the Maidan Revolution there. I observed that he had a completely different demeanor and posture to today’s character – a military bearing as he moved about the stage.

Both have quite pronounced grooves running from their nose below their cheekbones, and a slight upwards curve to their lips like The Joker. Both have a dimple between the lower lip and the chin. The straightness of the nose and roundness of the tip, the flare of the nostrils, the size of these in relation to each other and the face…to me all look very similar.
What do you think, readers? Same guy, or different? Please leave your thoughts in the comments.

Hollywood Crowdsources the Revolution

Hollywood was deeply involved in the Ukraine revolution.

This revolution was not random, but part of a larger geopolitical strategy.

Source: W21CIR/Times of Israel

If you watched my CryptoBeast #22 and #15 interviews with Carl Hassell, or #11 with Joe Atwill, then it might not surprise you to learn that the neo-Nazis behind the Ukrainian revolution were funded by Jewish billionaire oligarchs:

Source: W21CIR/Times of Israel

Lest I be accused of anti-Semitism, please note that this is quoting a story from the Times of Israel about a secret report given to Benjamin Netanyahu:

Source: W21CIR/Times of Israel

The hands of the Obama Administration’s State Department were all over this coup (note Victoria Nuland is married to Robert Kagan, one of the leaders of the Neocon-Zionist cabal):

Ukraine’s revolution was propelled by “the Blue Helmets of Maidan”, a probable (and ironic) reference to the United Nations Peacekeeping Force.

According to Commander Delta, one of the key militias organizing the revolt was an irregular unit of 5 IDF soldiers leading 35 “non-Jewish” men and women, confirmed by Chief Rabbi Moshe Azman of Odessa’s Brodsky Synagogue (Chabad Lubovitch):

Commander “Delta” came out of a Reconnaissance battalion of the IDF – as in, drones.
In what seems like an unusual amount of work for a newspaper story, the New York Times shared a 3D model reconstruction and sophisticated multimedia presentation of the Maidan massacre sniper positions.

“The problem was how to take multiple vantage points and put them together into a coherent analysis,” he said. “Maidan was the same problem set, but on steroids.”
The quantity of raw footage amassed by Nefertari was overwhelming, running into the thousands of hours
Source: New York Times, May 30 2018

So much for “the revolution will not be televised”. This one was amply attended by Hollywood. They even brought 3D modelers and drone pilots.
See also: Veterans Today, The Hidden History of the Incredibly Evil Khazarian Mafia

Steganography From Seacaucus?

When the Maidan Revolution broke out in Ukraine, 21st Century 3D sent out a couple of cryptic tweets with the words Start and Reset, which were both commented on by Jeff Brink in an unusual manner. One was in Cromwell, CT; the next was from Seacaucus, NJ (code relating to “Caucasus”, perhaps?):

I can find no entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for Jason Goodman or AeroEscape. AeroCine did come up, something to do with Turkish pocketless billiards that appears unrelated.
Was this steganography? Or was he talking about his self-proclaimed record for the longest drone flight with a Red camera?

Videos and tweets are a good way to engineer an alibi. We have no way of telling if the upload dates were the same as the filming dates, or if it was Jason himself tweeting to the @21c3d account. The combined metadata creates the impression that he was not in Ukraine at the time. His team was, I will show proof of that in the timeline below.

Mission Timeline

The social media timelines of the principals shows how the operation unfolded, starting with a trip to Sweden for a “Black Armored Drone”:

There are 8 people pictured. Who was funding all this?

Who did they know? Surely it would take months of planning and paperwork to get a permit for something like this involving a sensitive nuclear site? This suggests they had someone powerful behind the scenes that was making this stuff happen for them.
Note the (very expensive) RED camera and ARRI equipment being fitted to the Black Armored Drone:

By February 8 2014, the Forward Operations Group was in place in Chernobyl, Ukraine, about 60 miles from Kiev:

Kevin Marsden got confirmation directly from the pilot that the Aerocine crew were there in Ukraine when the revolution was happening – not just for their Chernobyl filming:

Three days before the main event of the Ukraine revolution (assuming again that publish date is the same as filming date), Jason Goodman demonstrated that the AeroEscape heavy lift drone could have 3D capability with 2 RED EPIC cameras. Recognize that Chelsea rooftop?

The comments to the video from the New York City Drone Film Festival confirm that the footage was shot in February 2014 as a showcase of AeroCine. AeroEscape was the name of the project, after the successful Ukraine mission AeroCine became the company name.

What did Jason Goodman do from September 2014 until May 2017, when he appeared on the YouTube truther scene with George Webb?

What We Can Prove

The timeline above provides evidence that

  • Jason Goodman, Brian Streem and Jeff Brink, principals of AeroCine, were working together on drone projects in February 2014;
  • they were specifically working together on Feb 20, 2014, the day of the Maidan Square sniper massacre in Kiev;
  • key members of their team including the chief pilot were in Ukraine from at least Feb 8, 2014 through the revolution.

In Part 1 we posted proof that Jason Goodman, Brian Streem and Jeff Brink formed Aerocine together, that Jason Goodman was CEO, and the company claimed credit for flying its technology over Ukraine.

“Revolutionary” footage, get it?

In Part 2 we posted a list of responses to Part 1 from Jason Goodman. We have now addressed each one of these with evidence. Where is Mr Goodman’s evidence?

  1. “it started before I got involved”
    We have proved that Jason Goodman was involved with AeroCine in February 2014. He was the first one tweeting out about “Guinness”, being retweeted by co-founder Jeff Brink. Their Crunchbase profile specifically mentions the Feb 21 flight was conducted by AeroCine.
  2. “the original aircraft was purchased in Sweden”
    No dispute, we showed their trip to obtain the Black Armored Drone. Who financed this expensive drone, camera, and travel?
  3. “the two original owners of that company actually decided to go to Ukraine and do a video over the Chernobyl nuclear reactor”
    We have shown from their social media reactions that it is more likely that they were given this assignment than that they decided to seek it out. “Holy crap. Things just got real” and “It’s all about who you know”, said Brink.
  4. “this is before I got involved in the company”
    The same as point 1. We have shown Jason Goodman, Jeff Brink and Brian Streem were all involved together flying drones in February 2014, which is when the Chernobyl flight took place. We also showed Jason’s presentation in March 2014 as CEO of AeroCine where he showed the footage that “just went viral all around the world” (which has been edited out) – this was either the footage of Chernobyl, which it appears to be from how he is describing it to the audience; or if not then it was the footage of the ARRI “Guinness” flight. Tweets and video prove Jason Goodman was present at the latter, and Brink’s tweets about #AeroEscape prove they were working together.
  5. “they got in a dispute with the Swedish manufacturer and the helicopter failed”
    We have no evidence that the helicopter failed in Ukraine. Instead, a documentary of the footage won multiple awards, suggesting the mission was a success. We have shown the helicopter being assembled brand new, specifically for the Chernobyl mission. We also provided video of the successful test flight of the drone upon delivery in Sweden.
  6. “when I joined that company they had no working helicopter, I had to go to Sweden and re-establish the relationship with the manufacturer to get that helicopter repaired and back in the sky”
    The helicopter appears to have been working fine on Feb 8 2017 and they also had a working helicopter able to set “Guinness” records on Feb 20 and 21 2017. So at what point did they not have a working helicopter? Did the drone get damaged in Ukraine after the Chernobyl filming? Who provided the financing for Goodman’s trip to Sweden? Streem’s Aerobo raised $2 million but it was founded in October 2015, more than a year after Goodman’s departure.
  7. “then I got them to change the name of their company to Aerocine”
    They registered the company as AeroEscape LLC on December 18, 2013; after the Chernobyl mission they filed on March 12 2014 to change the name to AeroCine. Jason Goodman was tweeting with Jeff Brink about #AeroEscape on February 20-21, 2014. It’s all the same thing.

Trademark Turf War

On September 17, 2014 at 10:29pm, Jason Goodman was kicked out of AeroCine (LLC). You can see from this tweet that AeroCine and AeroEscape were interchangeable.

On September 18, 2014 Jason Goodman registered “AeroCine” as a trademark of AeroCine, INC. Was he trying to masquerade as the company he got kicked out of?
AeroCine, INC was registered as a Delaware corporation 9/11/2014, but was never registered in New York.

Goodman claimed commercial use of the AeroCine trademark since March 13, 2014.


I can find no registration for AeroCine, INC in the New York State Department Companies Register. Only AeroCine LLC, registered by Brian Streem in December 2013.

Jason Goodman claims he has used the AeroCine word mark since March 13, 2014; but the Name History above proves Brian Streem was using it commercially a day before that. The trademark was eventually granted to Jason Goodman, after what looks like some battle.

Source: Justia

On April 21 2015 Brian Streem registered AeroCine Ventures INC. He correctly registered the company in Delaware then registered in New York as a foreign corporation.

AeroCine Ventures, INC was registered before Jason Goodman’s trademark was granted in November 2015. They appear to still be doing business under that name, with 34 different drone aircraft tail numbers registered with the FAA since 2015. Hoovers estimates their annual revenues at $1.5 million, so the drone business seems a lot more lucrative than the crowdsourcing truth business. AeroCine Ventures owns the Aerobo and Vermeer trademarks.
A 2016 SEC filing gives further insight into the financials of AeroCine Ventures:

We presume that this is the same corporation as Brian Streem’s Aerobo.

Source: Crunchbase

Why is Jason Goodman allowing others to make millions off his trademark?

Minnesota Mentors

Jason Goodman has two mentors of significance to this story: John Rupkalvis and Jerome Corsi. Both are connected to Minnesota.
Goodman’s Mentor John Rupkalvis graduated from the University of Minnesota and did some of his first major projects there. He has worked for NASA, JPL, Grumman Aerospace, Stanford University, and Bell Research. He worked on the Viking Mars Lander and developed Virtual Reality technology for the US Army. He’s the first person I’ve ever come across with an 80-page resumé:

Currently CEO of StereoScope International, which he founded in 1972, and Vice President of
StereoMed, Inc., which he co-founded in 1978, John A. Rupkalvis has an extensive technical and artis-
tic background in the fields of stereographic science and engineering, cinematographic, video, and com-
puter technologies.
University of Minnesota B.A. Degree
University of Minnesota: Guest Lecturer, Video Systems
U.S.C. (University of Southern California), Cinema Dept., Certificate
U.S.C. Guest Lecturer, Special Effects 1982-1984
Winona School of Professional Photography, P.P.A. Certificate
Control Data Institute, Computer Technology, Certificate
Rochester Institute of Technology, Guest Lecturer
Minneapolis Art Institute, Certificate, Guest Lecturer
Bell & Howell School of Professional Cinematography, Certificate
Institute for Graphic Communication, Certificate, Guest Lecturer
Pasadena City College, Guest Lecturer
On commission, designed three multimedia auditoriums which were built by the
University of Minnesota. These employed several innovative features, including
stereoscopic projection and six channel surround sound systems, which made use
of his special acoustical design that compensated for audience size from 1 to 600
Designed and built stereoscopic still photography systems and video projection
systems. Conducted experiments with live audiences on the effects of varying
screen size and distances on the perception of stereoscopic images; and the rela-
tionship of acoustics and audio tracking to stereoscopic parallax retention.
Photographic Engineering for Pako Corporation, including first failsafe system for
tricolor developer exposure lamps in Kodachrome processor. Patent was later
licensed by Pako to Eastman Kodak.
Senior Photographer and Photo Systems Technologist for the James Ford Bell Research
Laboratory. Designed and operated photo studio and lab; considerable scientific analyt-
ical stereoscopic photography and cinematography. Several awards for artistic as well as
technical accomplishments, by the Minnesota Commercial Industrial Photographers
Association (MCIPA) and the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). One of
several projects included stereoscopic projection to an audience inside a 70 ft. diameter
inflated sphere.
Founded StereoScope International, developing an extensive clientele for stereoscopic
acquisition and display in film, video, publications, special effects, CGI, simulation, vir-
tual reality, robot vision, telemetry, and other areas. Represented: polarized, anagyphic,
Pulfrich, PLZT (Liquid Crystal), time parallax, temporal, prismatic, pellicle, reflex
stereogram, free vision, lenticular, random dot, holographic, and nearly all other stereo-
scopic and autostereoscopic systems.
One of the first projects was an interactive 3-D projection television virtual reality sys-
tem built for the University of Minnesota in 1972. Six years later, he did the only opti-
cal correction of the Viking Mars Lander telemetry for geometrically corrected stereo-
scopic images. During this time, he was stereoscopic consultant for the first Imax 3-D
tests. Research in bluescreen, greenscreen, sodium, front and rear projection systems led
to the development of several special effects systems, including the Gallery front pro-
jector developed for Nord Photo Engineering, and the first (and so far, only) stereo-
scopic front projection system.
The StereoScope special effects cinematography system (35mm & 70mm), the
StereoScope television systems, the StereoScope animation and title production system,
as well as several proprietary systems were all designed and developed.
He designed and constructed special 3-D television viewing systems for Alpha
Productions, 3-D ImageTek, Wong, and others. He worked with Chris Condon in the
design and engineering of the largest single film 3-D motion picture format in existence
at that time: the over-and-under 10-perf pulldown 65mm camera.
An extensive list of national and international clients in entertainment, education, indus-
try, medical, and governmental fields, includes StereoVision, Imax, 3-D Image Tech,
Spatial Technology, NASA, JPL and many others. The installation of 3-D projection
optical systems in several hundred theaters, auditoriums, screening rooms, and special
venues around the world for StereoVision, Marks Polarizer, and Spatial Technology, is
greater than the number of such installations by all other stereoscopic consultants com-
Co-founded StereoMed, Inc., designed and developed several stereoscopic medical sys-
tems, including the StereoMed camera, currently in use in several hospitals and clinics,
the StereoMed View-Master reels, and the StereoMed FDA approved stereoscopic remote
diagnosis system, which has been written up in several prestigious medical journals.
over 250 papers and articles which were pub-
lished in national and international professional journals and other publications, such as the SPIE Journal,
the SMPTE Journal, American Cinematographer, Industrial Photography, Stereoscopy, Peterson’s
Photographic, etc. His achievements have been lauded by renowned experts such as David B. Eisendrath.
(Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers); served on Stereoscopic Motion Picture
Standards committee.
(Society of Photo Instrumentation Engineers); Published paper on StereoScope 3-D cinematogra-
phy system. Published paper on Human Vision and Stereoscopic Displays, co-chaired committee on the
stereoscopic lexicon.
(Society of Photographic Scientists and Engineers); Chaired several committees, organized meet-
(Professional Photographers of America); Judge, National Exhibition; numerous awards.
(Minnesota Commercial and Industrial Photographers Association); Judge, State Exhibition;
numerous awards, including several first place and one Grand National.
(International Stereoscopic Union); Published several articles in the international journal, including
the definitive series on stereoscopy and autostereoscopy.
Page 1 / 80
Zoom 100%
Rupkalvis is certainly someone who has won Lumiere awards – in fact in 2014 he was awarded their Lifetime Achievement Award.
Here are the two of them in 2005, one of the oldest photos of Jason Goodman to be found on the Internet. Does he really look like a guy who’s been CEO of a Hollywood multimedia production company for 13 years?

They met up again in 2006:

Jason was visiting from NY to attend workshops and demonstrate high-definition cameras

By 2008 Jason was sharing offices with John Rupkalvis and Pedro Guimaraes.

Jason Goodman (21st Century 3d) also calls our offices home

Rupkalvis, Jason Goodman, Ivan Stamatovski and Pedro Guimaraes worked together on a number of projects.

How does a guy like Jason Goodman find himself with someone like John Rupkalvis – with not just a Deep State, but even a Deep Space background – as his mentor?
Raven contends that Rupkavlis set Goodman up with a team to do the work and let him take the credit, in order to create a cover story:

Why was John Rupkalvis, technical genius, assigned to Jason Goodman? We have no idea. Nothing qualifies Goodman for this level of attention or training…
The year 2010 seems to be the ‘break out’ year for Goodman to present himself as a viable Hollywood ‘player.’ He had a few years of training, his 21st Century 3D company had been managed by other people i.e. Serbians and now it was time for him to move into his new role. Here’s the promotional video that launches his new cover. Jeff Pierce makes an introductory appearance along with John Rupklavis and Jason Goodman…the ‘star’ of the video. In the future, Jeff Pierce plays a role in Goodman’s drone business Aerocine.

Raven says:

It’s clear that Ivan & Baker were running 21st Century 3D…Milena was supporting their work. Goodman was learning about cameras via Ivan, Rupkalvis, Pedro and at camera shows as part of his training as a sales person/intel insert…
It appears that Pedro Guimaraes’s role was to promote Goodman as a stereoscopic designer. It’s possible that he was ‘Panama Mike’ from Crowd Source the Truth . If you watch any of the online videos prior to 2016, it is clear that Goodman does not operate the equipment. There are staged photos that have the appearance of Goodman working on something , however, it is our opinion that Goodman is ‘front’ guy for whatever operation he represents. He has never been an inventor…Rupkalvis is the real ‘wizard behind the curtain.’

I did find one patent application related to Stereoscopic technology registered with Jason David Goodman and James Vincent Masi, but it was abandoned. I found three patents for John Rupkalvis.
Raven offers this Steadi3d article as proof that Jason Goodman wasn’t allowed to actually operate the cameras, Pedro did all that.

Dr Corsi

Dr Corsi was the Washington DC Bureau Chief for InfoWars. He is also a columnist for World Net Daily. He betrayed Alex Jones, Roger Stone, and the QAnon movement. He was a key figure behind the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” psyop targeted at Skull and Bonesman John Kerry.
He claims to have “above Mossad” intelligence sources:

Dr Corsi has appeared on Crowdsource the Truth many times, frequently with his attorney Larry Klayman who sued Obama, Hillary Clinton and his own Mother. He was part of the infamous Clear and Present Danger show which shut down the 8th busiest port in the U.S. with a plotline apparently based on a 2005 book Corsi wrote about Dirty Bombs.
According to George Webb, Dr Corsi offered he and Jason $9000 each per month. Shortly after that the Port of Charleston Dirty Bomb Hoax, Who Spoofed the Seth Rich Files, QAnon and other LARPs were launched – the latest Part 3 of my series on LARPwars has more details.

George Webb, Jason Goodman, Jerome Corsi in Dr Corsi’s home office.

Jerome Corsi was linked to Minnesota when he was raising the “Israel Opportunities Fund”, an Israeli-focused mutual fund for B’nai B’rith (Jewish Freemasonry) designed to bring US dollars to enrich Israel by “developing business”.

This turned into a scandal in Poland involving one of the Rockefellers. B’Nai B’rith was banned in Poland for being “of Masonic character”.
From the Daily Kos:

Source: Daily KOS
Jerome Corsi once wrote a trippy childrens book. Source: The Daily Beast

21st Century Cutout

There have been quite a collection of characters working at 21st Century 3D over the years.
Even though the company didn’t start until 1999, Lee Stranahan’s brother Ken who has “worked in Hollywood a lot” worked there in 1996. Hmmm.

Source: LinkedIn

Next we have the Serbians.
Let’s start with Ivan Stamtovski their social media guy. He left the company in July 2011 after 7 years.

On Feb 11, 2014, as the AeroCine team were in Ukraine and revolution was breaking out, somehow Ivan also decided to start a drone company, Easy Aerial.
They launched on May 13, 2014 with a Kickstarter with a $20,000 goal. They raised $45,627. Their next Kickstarter raised $38,500.
Then they raised a seed round of $1.6 million.

Source: Crunchbase

Now clients include the US Air Force and Navy, as well as Israel, Thailand, Japan and “Europe and Central Africa”.

That’s a lot of achievements for not very much investor capital.
Source: EasyAerial

EasyAerial seem to have a mostly Serbian team. Somehow they managed to get 5 senior Israeli Air Force officers on their advisory board.

How did Jason Goodman’s social media guy recruit a team like this?

Some more 21st Century 3D Serbians:

3D animator and production assistant Milena Lekovic went to Baruch College, same as Ivan Stamatovski:

Here she is at the “Guinness” flight in February 2014. This is significant because according to her LinkedIn she was not working for 21st Century 3D at that time.

Jeff Pierce was also at this flight. He’s the guy in the trenchcoat standing next to Jason Goodman.

Jeff Pierce ran John Rupkalvis’ company at the time Jason Goodman was getting his Hollywood experience.

Pierce’s current job involves cryptographic technology developed by the Defense Department.

Stephen Baker may not be Serbian, but in Raven’s opinion he was the real person running 21st Century 3D. Like Goodman, Streem, and Brink, Baker also graduated from NYU.

The 21st Century 3D LinkedIn group has 328 members. Why did Jason walk away from his long and “award-winning” career? For drones and LARPs?


Jason Goodman claims that I am a liar who just “makes up nonsense”. I believe that over three posts here we have demonstrated the quality of our research and evidence. Mr Goodman is yet to produce any evidence, and his own claims contradict the facts.
With all these Serbians involved with him, I find it #HighlySuspicious that Jason Goodman recently teamed up with Jan Irvin to smear me. Jan Irvin lived in Serbia around the time of the 90’s war, was married to a Serbian, and was registered as an agent and business contact for the American Serbian Association for Peace. See Debunking Jan Irvin – Part 2 for details. Both Jason Goodman and Jan Irvin have been on InfoWars, which is considered by most truthers to be a Zionist-friendly operation.
Jason is on video speaking fluent Russian. He sure has a penchant for associating himself with foreign agents. He has more guests with Deep State backgrounds on his show than any other YouTube Truther – by a country mile. More than Alex Jones, even. He’s also quick to whip out the Anti-Semitism card against his critics.
If everything we have presented is 100% true, not even a minor detail mis-stated, would Jason Goodman’s response then be to say “OK Steve, you got me, good job done. I admit I’m a Lifetime Actor, I lied to my audience to get money from them”? Or would he call me a liar, dismiss it as nonsense, play the victim of trolls and gangstalkers, and attack me with ad hominems, sophistry and doxxing?
Mr Goodman says that I am a coward because I criticize him in New Zealand where I can’t be sued. In fact New Zealand has a very robust legal system, as he should know from his relationship with Kim Dotcom who has been battling in the Courts here for the better part of a decade. The full might of the US Department of Justice hasn’t been able to railroad him out of here yet. Jason Goodman has been to New Zealand recently himself, coming along with Hillary Clinton on her last visit and miraculously being allowed to film and livestream her entire (sold out) $300 a ticket event.
New Zealand is ranked #2 in Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index. The United States is #22, meaning the U.S. is much more corrupt. New Zealand is #5 in the Index of Public Integrity, compared to #12 for the United States. Mr Goodman is more likely to get a fair trial in New Zealand than in the United States.
If I am wrong about something, I invite him to show the evidence and I would be happy to print a correction, even apologize if necessary. Can Mr Goodman say the same? His slander of me is easy to identify, but where is mine against him?
All I am doing here is showing evidence. Please consider it and draw your own conclusions, to me it seems obvious.

Posted by: the daily messenger | October 29, 2019

Churchill, the truth of a devil

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The Unseen World – Chuck Missler

Posted by: the daily messenger | October 25, 2019

Pizzagate Body Count

Isaac Kappy (highway accident), Tracy Twyman (hanging), Jen Moore (unknown, covered in bruises), Ian Murdock (hanging/wellness check), Sam Fullerton (police shootout/wellness check), Himmmm (unknown), Chris Cline (helicopter crash), Andrew Breitbart (heart attack), Joe Hagmann (overdose/murdered), Max Spiers (overdose/poisoned), Seth Rich (gunshot), Shawn Lucas (overdose), Beranton Wisenant (gunshot), Senator Linda Collins-Smith (gunshot) Bruce and Nancy Schaeffer (shootout/murder-suicide), Monica Peterson (hanging), Michael Hastings (car explosion), Jeffrey Epstein (hanging), Anthony Bourdain (hanging), Kate Spade (hanging), Chris Cornell (hanging), Chester Bennington (hanging), Aaron Swartz (hanging), James Dolan (hanging), John Perry Barlow (heart attack; old and sick), Larry Harvey (stroke; old), Jim Channon (heart attack; old), John Jones (jumped in front of train), Michael Ratner (complications from cancer, old), Gavin McFadyen (fast acting cancer, old), Dave McGowan (fast acting cancer), Arjen Kamphuis (kayaking accident, body never found).

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And today we get a fire

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Into the Darkness

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Oroville Dam Time Bomb for California

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New California

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The Antichrist and The Restrainer – Chuck Missler

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Interview with a SKINWALKER – witchcraft

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Cuban Embassy Evacuated Due to Voice to Skull attack.

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All Cellular Phone Service DOWN in Sedona, AZ: Wildfires Upon the Secret…

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Ron Reagan Jr’s New Ad Will Make Your SKIN CRAWL And They Played It Duri…

Actually he’s a member of the Church of Satan. His dad, the governor,
gave the COS it’s first legal charter as Governor in 1966. Also, Church
of Satan is a donor to his little foundation he is fronting. Ronnie jr
is a walking lie as all satanists usually are.

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Elie Wiesel imprisoned at Birkenau or Auschwitz or Monowitz or Buchenwald

Auschwitz from US recon plane 1944

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Steven Crowder Owns Social Justice Warriors Compilation UMass

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Part 4: Alleged Sexual Misconduct by CNN Exec and Possible Cover-Up by S…

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David Irving – Smear Campaigns to Stifle Truth in History.!!

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Things you can do at home to prove to yourself a Biblical Earth Reality

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The Stars Are Not What We’ve Been Told ( Interview Ron Hagberg)

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Our Spiritual World: We all rise together – Satanic Ojai

Our Spiritual World: We all rise together – Satanic Ojai: The damned want to rise together and rule the world by Don Bradley Among satanists and witches, they have a saying, which is, WE ALL RI…

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We all rise together – Satanic Ojai

The damned want to rise together and rule the world

by Don Bradley

Among satanists and witches, they have a saying, which is, WE ALL RISE TOGETHER. As in the Beast and the fallen rise from the pit, as per revelations. Of course, they use it for themselves as a meme for becoming better and all that, implying they are at some low place and are rising to heights of achievement, power, promotion, whatever they say it is, actually. Whatever they say it is.

If you do a search on the phrase, you see it everywhere.

But its origins began with Alister Crowley and the Church of Satan. The latter, along with the Process Church (a coven of serial killers, from which the Son of Sam guy and Charles Manson hails from to name just 2 of their more famous alumni)

The other day, while coming into Ojai from Santa Paula on highway 150 I noticed a nice big new sign just before you drop into the valley. WE ALL RISE TOGETHER

Now, as longtime readers know, I’ve explained that this little valley of ours is really one massively connected collection of covens exceeding over 200 groups. Not counting well known private schools with satanic affiliations that openly teach witchcraft. These signs ARE CODE. To other satanists, as this is a big saying or meme with these people. For example




The LGBTQFUKO crowd is big on this one, and that fits. At first blush, it sounds like a affirmation of positivity. Nothing could be further from that reality. Once you look into and research the satanic network, you find all these little isms they use to communicate in plain sight, so that others know, they are IN THE COVEN. None of this is organic.

If your group or thing is using, and you are NOT satanists, remember back to which member of your group first proposed this as your group’s slogan, even if just for a season. There’s your witch. Because spreading their corruption among the blind is something they consider a big victory of sorts, as a kind of “these idiots are pushing this and they call themselves Christians. HA HA HA. You understand what I am saying.

But that’s just part of this article.

I’ve been saying for years that Ojai is wholly populated with satanists to a reality of better than 97%. And I can prove it.

Every October, in the valley below my domicile. Almost every single house down below has Halloween (witches sabbath known has samhain) decorations, lights, grave yards, the whole deal. You name it and they  have it going on. By the end of the first week of October, it’s Halloween hell. You can see it after the sunsets and all the lights and stuff – like they do for Xmas – come on and they  really make a big deal out of it.

Except for this year. Instead of the few hundred houses and done to the max. Only TWO HOUSE have any kind of Halloween decorations. Now this is not some kind of organic natural change. Sure some people might choose to pass on doing it up this year. BUT ALL OF THEM? Except two???

What it means is that the word has gone out by the covens…no Halloween displays this year. It’s the only way you can explain the entire CITY not doing Halloween. Because it is not just the houses visible from here, but every part of the valley. Nothing. Except the very occasional house.

In other words, the only houses still doing it, and on my drive all over the valley I counted only four houses with decorations, are the ones NOT in the Satanic Network. And there is your oblique proof that this valley is under strict control by the satanic network. It’s like a light switch was turned off on Halloween this year. And those that have decorations are not disobeying…they just ARE NOT UNDER NETWORK COMMAND. Because one thing satanists demand and GET, is obedience. OR ELSE.

You can’t really tell in tonight’s pic, but usually this is a sea of Halloween blather all lit up, as they do. Because Samhain is a BIG witches sabbath, some declare their biggest. Orgies, slaughtered children, curses, hexes, you name it, it happens on that 3 day period of the black sabbath. Only 2 houses have decorations and blather going on. That would be the two houses NOT IN THE NETWORK.

So when I tell you this valley is satanist central, and every weekend lesbian witches descend upon this place to do the nasty, here is your proof. One of many proofs.

Now watch them all rush to get up their halloween blather. Go ahead, makes no difference to me.

Are you going to do the same thing with christmas? Because I also noticed that there were no fireworks going off in the neighborhoods this year, unlike other years, as kids do. And also, every single one of your OFFICIAL firework thingies was only 20 minutes instead of the usual hour. So, you are cutting down all the west’s traditions, even though in essence – save for thanksgiving – they are satanic events and doings.

Ahhh… I see. It’s the whole middle east illegal alien invasion thing. They don’t get these holidays and and such. So to make their new reality more…”acceptable” you are removing everything that culturally defines the west, even if it means doing away – publicly at least – with your own satanic celebrations.

Wow. this whole jihadi invasion thing is THAT important to your plans.

it’s worse than I thought.

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Our Spiritual World: Actual Witches Hunt Trump With Pre-Halloween "Bind…

Our Spiritual World: Actual Witches Hunt Trump With Pre-Halloween “Bind…: Witches across the United States are preparing to cast a coordinated “binding spell” on President Trump on October 25 – their  t…

butt boys of Tranny Lucifer
Posted by: the daily messenger | October 21, 2019

Actual Witches Hunt Trump With Pre-Halloween "Binding Spell"

Witches across the United States are preparing to cast a coordinated “binding spell” on President Trump on October 25 – their third such attempt

“I’m not waiting for that date. I am binding you NOW. I command all unholy dark spirits who serve this and all covens who so gather be bound and sent to the dry places, their satanic slaves be hindered in all ways and what they send out, be sent against them leaving them undone in every way Yeshua our King sees fit. Let Judgement Come unto them, my Christ.” Author

According to the Boston Globethe so-called #MagicResistance first sought to bind the president in 2017. Since then, they have attempted to do the same to Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, as well as “Hex the NRA.” 

Here’s what it looks like:

“I’m willing to go on record and say it’s working,” the spell’s inventor, Michael Hughes, told the Washington Examiner. “Knowing thousands of people are gathering together at the same time from all over the world to do this ritual and to put our beliefs and our desires into sharp focus, and to do that ritualistically, I think that has a really powerful effect.”

(It’s not working. And your effect is nothing. Because I and others are binding YOU, your DEMONS, and the Blood of the Lamb has power over you and you sure as heck know it. For every curse, hex, or attack sent my way, I will FRY 100 witches, starting with YOUR COVENS. DB)

And as the Daily Caller reports, “The ingredients for the binding include an unflattering photo of Trump, a tarot card, a stub of an orange candle, a pin, and a feather.” 
Last year, a group of “real” witches took umbrage with President Trump’s repeated use of the term “Witch Hunt” to describe the Russia investigation. 

So be it. 
Matthew 18:19
Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.

1 Chronicles 16:22
Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.
Psalm 105:15
Saying, Touch not mine anointed, and do my prophets no harm.
1 Samuel 24:6
And he said unto his men, The LORD forbid that I should do this thing unto my master, the LORD’S anointed, to stretch forth mine hand against him, seeing he is the anointed of the LORD. 

Therefore, on the name and blood Yeshua our Christ, I bind you and your demons, I cut the cords between you and the spirits of rebellion, jezebel, lilith, and Gadrael. Per Matthew 24, that which I bind on Earth will be bound in heaven. Amen

All you practitioners of black magic, who employ spells, and invoke demons…I ask and pray to our father and Yeshua that you and they be banished to the dry places and your magic and magical intent be returned to you 1000 fold against you. I ask this on the name and blood of Yeshua, per Matthew 24 Bind in heaven and earth Father, that which I bind here. Let their mouths be shut, their knees buckle, and Yeshua’s light shine from above. Yeshua is the true King of Earth.

Lucifer…Satan…is a sissy little coward. His followers – nasty abominations who prefer the stink of shite, and the smell of death their nephilim skanks can only produce, are examples of being a satanic coward.
Father…Yeshua…slay the demonic forces that these nephilim freaks seek and disable, weaken, and bring to ruin all who call upon and use hexes, spells, dark rituals, and all manner of making. Destroy them Father. Lay snares for their path and bring them low, cast them into the dry places, to return no more. Amen.

For every shadow walker that visits, for every curse sent our way, for every hex and demon invoked against us, I PROMISE to return in kind, X 100. 

So please, go right ahead. The grand council has my dossier. And I have Yeshua, Mike, and the boys. Let’s rumble.  If any member of my family even stubs their toe, it’s on.

That is if you have the guts. But, I will deal with your demons that I will not send them to the dry places if they will return and punish EACH OF YOU in the coven for sending them. Guess which they will choose. I’ve done this before. They ALL agreed.

I’ve said the sacred words. The call of righteousness and protection has gone forth and has been heard. It is done.


We ask as one voice, bind these witches and their demons.Cut the cords between them and their principalities and powers and high places. Send all dark spirits to the dry blaces. In and on the name and blood of our savior, Yeshua the Christ.
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Proof NASA Fakes Being in Space

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UNCUT: Greta Thunberg’s unedited encounter with Rebel News in Edmonton |…

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Mountains of fluoride on our tarp from just a few cups of water.

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Tree angels and Comets

Tree Spirit, lower angel class.

Comet Holmes…not an ice crystal. Angel doing timeline signage for Dad.

prominent conservative figures, journalists and persons with ties to President Donald Trump were unlawfully monitored by the State Department in Ukraine at the request of ousted U.S. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, an Obama appointee. Yovanovitch testified “in secret” to the House impeachment inquiry against Trump on Friday, October 11, 2019. Her “secret” testimony was leaked to the New York Times during the hearing.

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch: U.S.-Armenia Relationship is ...
Spies on US citizens for Deep State and Hillary until fired this year in Ukraine as ambassador. Network assets will betray you every chance they get.
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Crime? Illegal Monitoring of Journalists & Trump Allies "Another Extensi…

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BATTLEGROUND: Ezra Levant reports from Tommy Robinson’s latest trial and…

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