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Happy Day, Mothers

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The Criminalization of Dissent

Consent Factory, Inc.

One of the hallmarks of totalitarian systems is the criminalization of dissent. Not just the stigmatization of dissent or the demonization of dissent, but the formal criminalization of dissent, and any other type of opposition to the official ideology of the totalitarian system. Global capitalism has been inching its way toward this step for quite some time, and now, apparently, it is ready to take it.

Germany has been leading the way. For over a year, anyone questioning or protesting the “Covid emergency measures” or the official Covid-19 narrative has been demonized by the government and the media, and, sadly, but not completely unexpectedly, the majority of the German public. And now such dissent is officially “extremism.”

Yes, that’s right, in “New Normal” Germany, if you dissent from the official state ideology, you are now officially a dangerous “extremist.” The German Intelligence agency (the “BfV”) has even invented a new…

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Three Gorges Dam, pieces of concrete flying off

There are already, several videos showing chunks of concrete flying off. Here is one of them. watch the far sluice gate at the 17 second mark, in the water.

These burning Liberal cities are trap set for Trump. The Liberals thought for sure Trump would rush in ‘guns-a-blazing” and slaughter these Black and White kids.

Liberals wanted to create a Vietnam in the USA and entangle Trump in a quagmire. Daily footage of the dead and wounded at the hands of that Nazi Trump and American would be outrages and turn to Biden.

It didn’t work, Trump turned the table on them…the tv commercials are running, Liberal cities in chaos, Liberals in charge, with Biden calling the police the enemy and agreeing that a “defunding in necessary”.

What was designed to be a fatal blow to Trump political hopes, may have, most likely has, wrecked any chance Biden had of winning.

~12% of the voters, the Lessor Evil folks, decide the winner…which is the lessor Evil, Biden or Trump?

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Great Sparrow campaign 1957 – MAO was nephilim, and insane

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SPillway wall sagging…Three Gorges Dam Live Number one sucky

Maura Moynihan, a China activist and the daughter of the late Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan, says she is “disgusted” and “sick to death” over how government, powerful U.S. media companies and others serve as China apologists. 
“The mainstream media is so beyond downplaying this, it’s irresponsible,” Moynihan said on a new John Solomon Reports podcast about the media’s recent coverage of China’s treatment of the Uyghur Muslim minority.
Among the reported atrocities are members being taken in the middle of the night, forced into labor camps, sterilized and having their organs harvested. 
Moynihan was joined on the podcast by longtime China watcher Ethan Gutmann to discuss human rights abuses by the Chinese Communist Party.
Moynihan argues that U.S. media companies have been minimizing the severity of China’s human rights abuses, even as the Trump administration imposes increased sanctions on the country over the last six weeks.
She says coverage of the recent protests over the death of George Floyd has kept the China atrocities “virtually out of the news.”
“I am sick to death of seeing the China apologist gang, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Committee of 100, the Asian Society, it goes on and on,” she said. “They always get out front on the narrative on China. We have no resources in the Tibet movement. … They’ve got tons of funding, because they’re on the Chinese payroll.”

When asked what the United States government can do to hold China accountable for their atrocious behavior, Moynihan said that a key move would be for the administration to continue cracking down on “these front media companies” that act “as agencies of espionage of the Chinese Communist Party.” 
“Seize their assets, seize their real estate,” Moynihan said. “Ban visas for Chinese communist officials.”
Moynihan commended Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Trump for taking action recently on the matter of Hong Kong, on which Beijing recently imposed a sweeping national security law, effectively ending democracy in the world’s third largest capital market.
“You can be damned sure that if Hillary Clinton was president, none of this would be happening, because she was such a China apologist, all the way,” Moynihan added.
She emphasized the importance of committing American funds toward rooting out those in the pocket of the CCP working in America. Specifically, Moynihan believes the New York Stock Exchange’s leniency when it comes to audits of Chinese companies is absurd and unjust. 
“We’ve also gotta still hunt out the moles, the appeasers, and the spies that have infected our government, media, and academia … and if some people in American business don’t like it, well tough. Deal with it,” she said.
Gutmann spoke about the market giveaways that he thinks indicate some of the abuses taking place against the Uyghurs, which he says include the explosion of the human hair wig market from China. 
Recently, China has changed the balance of the global wig market by providing hugely increased numbers of valuable human hair wigs, in colors like chestnut brown and reddish hues that are very different than Chinese hair. 
According to Gutmann, we know this is an indicator of abuse because we know from the testimony of survivors that Chinese officials shave the heads of Uyghur women when they are admitted to work camps in the Xinjiang region. 
The wig collection process, though, pales in comparison to the broader abuses taking place against the Uyghurs, he says.
According to Gutmann, about 18% of young Uyghurs are being sent to work camps, where they are kept alive but held against their will, subjected to ideological and behavioral re-education and forced to labor without pay. 
He also said that as many as 5% of Uyghurs, age about 28 years old, which Chinese doctors consider to be the best age for the use of organs, disappear in the middle of the night to become a part of the Chinese Communist Party’s harvesting network.
Gutmann estimates that roughly 25,000 Uyghurs a year have their organs harvested, yielding a Chinese organ transplant industry worth between $10 to $20 billion annually. 
China is currently conducting 60,000 to 100,000 transplants a year, which is far more than anywhere else in the world.
Moynihan and Gutmann believe the country is getting away with it because of the failure of American and global institutions to confront them in a meaningful way.

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[3 Gorges Dam] Shocking conversation from China Dam expert

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Millions dead, TGD all 83 flood gates open since saturday, 3 dams lost

Check out the above link

Q always asks us to pray…only a decent soul would consistently encourage a connection to Yeshua and the Most High. 

I never joined FaceCIAfarce, Twitts, or any of that Satanic spy stuff that passes as social media. I found out early on, the CIA funded the startups on ALL THESE companies, using capital from the Carlyle Group (CIA OWNED), and Evergreen, In Q Tel, etc. All CIA offshore drug fronts used for buying up and building up companies from small newspapers to  FB.

Twitter has decided the latest threat to society are QAnon followers – with the social media giant banning 7,000 accounts and limiting the reach of 150,000 more in a widespread crackdown against people who believe President Trump is part of a plan to take down the Deep State.

According to NBC News, the 7,000 QAnon account bans were in response to “breaking its rules on targeted harassment,” while the 150,000 other accounts will no longer appear in ‘recommended follows,’ nor will any of their content be included in ‘trends’ and search.

NBC News‘ Ben Collins and Brandy Zadrozny point to the recent harassment of “TV personality and author Chrissy Teigen,” who deleted 60,000 tweets after her history of sexualizing children, frequent pizza references, and an unsupported rumor that she flew on Jeffrey Epstein’s ‘lolita express’ resulted in QAnon followers and others suggesting she’s a pedophile.

While her strange tweets were real, evidence that she flew on Epstein’s infamous pedo plane appears to have been fabricated. While several articles have been written about QAnon followers harassing Teigen over the Epstein connection, somehow they glossed over her tweets about children.

This type of harassment campaign is known as “swarming” or “brigading,” and Twitter said those swarms will no longer be allowed on the platform. Twitter will ban users who threaten users during QAnon-related swarms, and limit the reach and search visibility of those who participate in them.
A Twitter spokesperson said this sort of anti-harassment policy could apply to other groups that are primarily motivated by targeted harassment in the future. –NBC News

So, given the recent media attention we’re guessing Teigen’s ‘targeted harassment’ is what prompted Twitter’s QAnon crackdown – a move which might backfire and make people more inclined to follow the movement, according to journalist Paul Joseph Watson.

What is QAnon?
According to Deborah Franklin via

Q and the ever-growing worldwide movement it’s inspired have been the objects of fascination, mockery and hatred, but of surprisingly little serious analysis.
Q first appeared in October 2017 on an anonymous online forum called 4Chan, posting messages that implied top-clearance knowledge of upcoming events. More than 3,000 messages later, Q has created a disturbing, multi-faceted portrait of a global crime syndicate that operates with impunity. Q’s followers in the QAnon community faithfully analyze every detail of Q’s drops, which are compiled here and here.
The mainstream media has published hundreds of articles attacking Q as an insane rightwing conspiracy, particularly after President Trump seemed to publicly confirm his connection to it.  At a North Carolina rally in 2019, Trump made a point of drawing attention to a baby wearing a onesie with a big Q.
In recent weeks, the tempo of Trump’s spotlighting of Q has accelerated, with the President retweeting Q followers twenty times in one day. Trump has featured Q fans in his ads and deployed one of Q’s signature phrases (“These people are sick”) at his rallies. The President’s lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, has also retweeted Q followers.
Q has noted that the media never asks Trump the obvious question: What do you think of Q? To Q followers, the reason they don’t ask is obvious. They’re afraid of the answer.
In the meantime, Q’s influence continues to spread. Protestors in Hong Kong, Iran, and France have held up Q signs and chanted Q quotes. Q’s revelations are uniting people all over the world who want freedom.
If you’re unfamiliar with Q or only know it through the media’s attacks, I’d like to provide a brief introduction to this extraordinary phenomenon. I’ve followed Q since the first drop, and I’ve grown increasingly impressed by the accuracy, breadth and depth of Q’s messages. Q followers were prepared long in advance for the easing of hostilities with North Korea, the deflation of the mullahs of Iran, and the discovery of Ukraine as a hotbed of corruption for American politicians. They knew a great deal about Jeffrey Epstein’s activities before the public did and anticipate even more shocking revelations to come. As Q likes to say, “Future proves past.” As Q’s predictions come true, they lend retroactive credibility to the entire enterprise.
Q’s followers believe that Q is a military intelligence operation, the first of its kind, whose goal is to provide the public with secret information. Many Q followers think the Q team was founded by Admiral Michael Rogers, the former Director of the National Security Agency and former Commander of US Cyber Command.  Some suspect that Dan Scavino, White House Director of Social Media, is part of the team, because the high quality of Q’s writing has the luster of a communications expert.
Q is a new weapon in the game of information warfare, bypassing a hostile media and corrupt government to communicate directly with the public. Think of Q as a companion to Trump’s twitter. Whereas Trump communicates bluntly and directly, Q is cryptic, sly and subtle, offering only clues that beg for context and connection.
Here’s the way it works: Q posts messages (also known as “drops” or “crumbs”) on an anonymous online forum, which are discussed, analyzed, and critiqued by the board’s inhabitants. (The forum has changed a few times after massive online attacks.) Hundreds of social media accounts then spread Q’s latest posting to worldwide followers who share their research, analysis, and interpretations of Q’s latest information.
I’ve compiled a list of Q’s most famous catch phrases and tried to put them into context.
The Great Awakening: We’re living in a unique time in which ordinary citizens around the world are collaborating to understand and expose the corrupt system that rules us. The system thrives on deception, and the overwhelming task of The Great Awakening is to penetrate its lies and reveal the truth.

  • The first phase of The Great Awakening is heightened awareness of the Deep State – the interlocking governmental entities that operate outside the law to expand their own power. Elections and popular opinion don’t impact the ability of the Deep State to enforce its agenda.
  • The second phase of The Great Awakening investigates the Deep State’s alliance with other powerful sectors: the media, Hollywood, charities and non-profits, public schools and universities, religious organizations, medical, scientific and financial institutions, and multinational corporations. This phase can be painful, as you discover that “those you trust the most” (in Q’s phrase) are deceiving you. Beloved celebrities, religious leaders, doctors, educators, innovators, and do-gooders are all in on the hoax.
  • The third phase of The Great Awakening is perhaps the most painful of all. The people who rule us are not merely amoral creatures who view us as collateral damage in their drive for money and power. It’s scarier than that. The potentates we serve are actively trying to harm us. That’s their goal. We’re under coordinated attack.

Dark To Light: Q tells us that what our rulers fear the most is exposure. Bringing their crimes out of protected darkness into the light of public scrutiny destroys their power to deceive. And as their power fades, the darkness of our divided, violent world will yield to the light of freedom, cooperation, and peace.

Where We Go One We Go All (WWG1WGA): Q’s most famous phrase expresses the worldwide egalitarian nature of the movement.  Every country is suffering from the system’s oppression, and the whole world will benefit from a rebirth of freedom. In this unique movement, anonymous citizens work in collaboration with the highest-ranking military leaders and the president, and everyone’s contributions are valued. When commenters on the board have thanked Q for his service, Q has replied that no one is above and no one is below. “We work for you.”

These people are sick. Perhaps the most difficult aspect of The Great Awakening is coming to terms with the depravity of our rulers, whom Q has called The Cult. Jeffrey Epstein’s story has helped to awaken people to some of the elite’s crimes. The mysterious temple on Epstein’s island hints at possible future revelations that are frightening in their scope. Q followers believe that The Cult engages in ritual practices that enshrine the shedding of blood and which prey on the innocence of children. The sickness in their souls thrives on brutality, war, and terror. These disclosures will be tough for the public to take.
Trust the plan. The presumed military leaders who created Q and who protected Trump throughout the election and presidency have created a precise path to victory. Despite the seeming chaos of daily events, a steady progression of victories is taking place. The plan includes offensive maneuvers against the Cult’s financial power, legal standing, human supply chains, and military capacity. And, of crucial importance, the plan attacks the Cult’s ability to control the narrative that shapes what the public believes. In this high-stakes game of information warfare, Q plays a vital role by empowering ordinary citizens (like me) to spread the truth.

They want you divided. The hatred that’s growing between races, classes, age groups, religions, and political parties is purposely fomented by the Cult. The more we’re divided and focused on attacking each other, the weaker we become. Q urges us to stay together and to fight the Cult, not each other.

They think you’re sheep. The Cult believes, as Q says, “you’ll follow the stars” – the celebrities in media, Hollywood, and academia who tell you, in coordinated fashion, what you’re supposed to think. Their contempt for you makes them confident they can control you and ensure your surrender to any agenda. Q, on the other hand, offers only clues and can only be understood by high-grade critical thinking, spurred by constant crowd-sourced criticism and reassessment. The essence of the Q movement is to think for yourself.

Bigger than you can imagine. Expand your thinking. Q encourages us to reevaluate everything we think we know.  The Cult may date back to ancient times, and through its powerful families, it might have manipulated historical events in ways that we haven’t suspected. The Cult may also possess advanced technology and medical cures that have not been released to the public. One aspect that may be “bigger than you can imagine” is the unfathomable scale of theft from our national coffers, as funds for foreign aid and wars wind up in the Cult’s pockets.

Track resignations. Beneath the surface, a broad and deep cleansing of corrupt players is taking place. Q asked us to track resignations to understand the scope of activity. (Here’s a website that took him up on his request: Resignations, retirements, and unexpected deaths from major players in politics, media, charities, and corporations all point to possible deals being made quietly without the public fanfare of arrests. For me, a notable resignation is Eric Schmidt’s abrupt exit from Google, which received little media attention. Schmidt resigned on December 21st, 2017, the same day that President Trump signed an executive order declaring a national emergency related to “serious human rights abuse and corruption around the world.” Further context for Schmidt’s resignation may be inferred from this photo of him in North Korea, apparently in an advisory role. Standing next to him is Bill Richardson, former Governor of New Mexico, the state in which Epstein had a secret ranch. Richardson has been accused by one of Epstein’s victims.

Their need for symbols will be their downfall.  The Cult uses certain symbols over and over again, which may serve some ritualistic need, but makes them vulnerable to detection. Q followers are familiar with Y-shaped horns that mimic those of the goat deity Baphomet, owls, pyramids, one eye encased within a pyramid, red shoes, bandaged fingers, and other repeating symbols, including the mysterious black eye that afflicts so many famous people. The Q Army also knows the coded pedophile symbols listed by the FBI. When Q drew attention to the design of Epstein’s temple, alert Q followers noticed how similar it is to the set design of a famous talk show. And the red ring on the hand of dead terrorist Qassam Soleimani prompted Q followers to compile images of similar rings on the hands of powerful people.  An excellent source for understanding how these symbols are incorporated into pop culture targeting the young through music videos, TV shows and movies can be found at

Nothing can stop what is coming. Nothing. Now comes the pain.  The headlines on any given day may sound discouraging for those who want justice to prevail. But these setbacks are temporary, as a juggernaut of justice heads our way. As Q likes to say: We have it all. Massive amounts of irrefutable evidence await the criminals who try to evade their reckoning in court. For those who worry about Trump’s ability to overcome impeachment, election fraud, and assassination attempts, Q assures us: Patriots in control. And no legal tricks can help the criminals escape the ultimate judgment of public disgust.  Q promises us that the day is coming when they can’t walk down the street.

You are the news now.  The “fake news” decried by President Trump is losing credibility and audience by the day. Q has exposed the 4 A.M. drops that provide the daily talking points to media personnel, so they can all parrot the same propaganda. Q has also named various journalists whom he says take bribes. The media is concentrated within six powerful companies; on the other hand, the Q army is vast, voluntary, and anonymous. Q assures us that our efforts to disseminate the truth through social media and conversations with family and friends are having a huge impact. We are the news now.

We know what happens in the end. God wins. Many times, Q has asked us to pray. He’s quoted the famous Biblical lines of Ephesians 6:12, “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” We’re living through monumental times. It’s comforting that Q believes that if we work together, God wins.

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How to destroy a culture…

then they want to kill you, for merely existing.
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Our Spiritual World: The old switcharoo…Meet the New, DEMONIC Kamala

Our Spiritual World: The old switcharoo…Meet the New, DEMONIC Kamala: Welp, either: She’s been cloned and replaced shes on a heroic dose of shrooms and got the worst facelift ever she’s a velon reptilian…

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[3 Gorges Dam] Simulation done by Secretly

Authored by Mac Slavo via,
Testing will soon begin in poverty-stricken parts of Africa for a biometric ID which will also be your payment system and vaccine record. The biometric digital identity platform that “evolves just as you evolve” is backed by none other than the Bill Gates-backed GAVI vaccine alliance, Mastercard, and the AI-powered “identity authentication” company, Trust Stamp.

The GAVI Alliance, which is largely funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates and Rockefeller Foundations, as well as allied governments and the vaccine industry, is principally concerned with improving “the health of markets for vaccines and other immunization products,” rather than the health of individuals, according to its own website. Similarly, Mastercard’s GAVI partnership is directly linked to its “World Beyond Cash” effort, which mainly bolsters its business model that has long depended on a reduction in the use of physical cash.

Reducing the use of cash is needed. Cash is impossible to track, but if you use centralized digital currency, the ruling class has complete control over what you can spend.

The program, which was first launched in late 2018, will see Trust Stamp’s digital identity platform integrated into the GAVI-Mastercard “Wellness Pass,” a digital vaccination record and identity system that is also linked to Mastercard’s click-to-play system that powered by its AI and machine learning technology called NuDataMastercard, in addition to professing its commitment to promoting “centralized record keeping of childhood immunization” also describes itself as a leader toward a “World Beyond Cash,” and its partnership with GAVI marks a novel approach towards linking a biometric digital identity system, vaccination records, and a payment system into a single cohesive platform. The effort, since its launch nearly two years ago, has been funded via $3.8 million in GAVI donor funds in addition to a matched donation of the same amount by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. –Activist Post

In early June, GAVI reported that Mastercard’s Wellness Pass program would be adapted in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Around a month later, Mastercard announced that Trust Stamp’s biometric identity platform would be integrated into Wellness Pass as Trust Stamp’s system is capable of providing biometric identity in areas of the world lacking internet access or cellular connectivity and also does not require knowledge of an individual’s legal name or identity to function. The Wellness Program involving GAVI, Mastercard, and Trust Stamp will soon be launched in West Africa and will be coupled with a COVID-19 vaccination program once a vaccine becomes available.

What is perhaps most alarming about this new “Wellness Pass” initiative, is that it links these “dual use” digital solutions to cashless payment solutions that could soon become mandated as anything over than touchless, cashless, methods of payment have been treated as potential modes for contagion by GAVI-aligned groups like the World Health Organization, among others, since the pandemic was first declared earlier this year. –Activist Post

Do you get it yet? It’s all tied into the same thing, and the plandemic is an excuse to roll this out. Wake up. They are not coming to save you, quite the opposite, actually.
For those stuck on the line of thinking that President Donald Trump said this “vaccine will be voluntary,” you are probably correct. It’ll be “voluntary” all right. And if you don’t get it and participate in the new biometric ID program, you won’t be able to buy or sell anything, including food. That sounds nothing like the definition of voluntary to me, but believe in whatever religion you wish and put your trust in whomever you want. I’ll rely on myself instead of some politician to save me.
Oh, just what does Trump need 300 million doses of the vaccine for if it’s going to be “voluntary?” We are in for a “dark winter” as they have already told us several times. It’s time to apply critical thinking and stop falling for all of these psyops.

Those Who Planned The Enslavement of Mankind Warn Of “A Dark Winter” For Us
This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t remain vigilant and know what’s going on. Get your preps in order. Do another audit, buy some more food, and improve your water storage.  This system is here and it will not be voluntary in any sense of the word.  It’s similar to our “voluntary tax” system. Go ahead and choose to not pay, and men with guns will come to your house to make you pay. Yep, that’s how voluntary interaction works (note: that was sarcasm). Believe any politician you want, but they are all puppets for the Federal Reserve, and their takeover is imminent unless we wake up and stand together.

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China’s 3 Gorges Damn…

Uh oh…

And half a billion downstream citizens have no idea this is hanging over their collectivist heads.

  • First No endangered Nuclear Power Plants, the nearest is Shanghai that is South on Ocean on a different River !
  • Second Construction flaws were discovered and ignored mid-construction !
  • Third, Earthen Dams ( Reservoirs ) called Dikes were Sacraficed downstream to save modern Cities like Wuhan, because News filmed Escavators destroying Four Dike / Dams !
  • Forth, Three Gorges is on a Raging River, Water must flow, it is now less than Five feet from overtopping that will crumble the No Spillway Dam !
  • Six, The CCP was warned to Blow-up the Dam before Downstream Flooding followed by Dam failure !
  • Seven, Dam was completed years ago but Reservor just reached capacity about 21 Months ago having its first emergency flood relief last July, 9 Months after reservoir reached target capacity !
  • Eight, Two days ago Dam was given Ten days due to upstream Rainfall !
current pic, they say…
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We Are Now In The AGE OF CHAOS (2020)

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Woman Refutes Bill Nye The Science Guy’s Mask Propaganda

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Ilhan Omar’s Payments To Husband’s Firm Top $1 Million

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN) campaign how now funneled over $1 million to her husband’s consulting firm according to the Washington Free Beacon, which has analyzed Federal Election Commission records released Tuesday afternoon.

The Somali-born Omar, who has been accused of  perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, tax fraud and federal student loan fraud – married her lover and campaign consultant, Tim Mynett – whose estranged wife claimed in a 2019 court filing that his “travel and long work hours now appear to be more related to his affair with Rep. Omar than with his actual work commitments.”

Tim and Beth Mynett, presumably before Tim cheated on her with his client, Rep. Ilhan Omar

While the two announced their marriage in March, it’s unclear how long they were romantically involved. Both denied allegations they were having an affair last year – so, another lie.
And now, thanks to the Free Beacon, we know Mynett’s firm made hand-over-fist doing whatever it is they do for the freshman Democrat.

The payments, predominantly for digital and fundraising services, bring the total that Omar’s campaign has sent to Mynett’s firm to just over $1 million for the 2020 cycle.
Omar, a freshmen congresswoman, has faced scrutiny over numerous financial and personal issues since she was elected in 2018. She has drawn criticism for a lack of transparency about her previous marriages, over campaign finance violations, and for a potential violation of House ethics rules pertaining to the advance she received on a recently published memoir. Pressed for answers, she has routinely dismissed the inquiries as “smears” and “conspiracy theories.”Washington Free Beacon

Mynett’s firm, the E. Street Group, was paid $521,000 between April 1 and June 30 – with Mynett’s take accounting for 44% of that, according to the report.

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‘Mute White People’ button added to Instagram…

Open racism in America against Whites.

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Never-Trump Project Lincoln Co-Founder Paid By Russian Government

It seems like Trump’s enemies over at Project Lincoln have some more explaining to do.
After co-founder Rick Wilson’s ham-handed attempt to smear Trump supporters with a Confederate flag insult – only to have his family’s own ‘confederate cooler‘ exposed, filmmaker Mike Cernovich notes that Wilson’s Project Lincoln co-founder, John Weaver, was paid by the Russian government as a consultant to JSC Techsnabexport (TENEX), which owned by Putin-founded, government owned Rosatom – of ‘Uranium One’ fame.

John Weaver and Sen. John McCain on 2006 flight

Weaver, the mastermind behind John McCain’s failed 2000 and 2008 presidential campaigns, John Kasich’s failed 2016 presidential campaign, and the founder and principal of ‘The Network Companies, LLC’, acknowledged the work in a Foreign Agents Registration Act (FARA) filing on May 10, 2019.

We should note – well, John Solomon noted on Monday, that Joe Biden’s energy adviser, Amos Hochstein, also advised TENEX. In fact, Hochstein “assisted personally” in “Russia’s attempts to corner the global uranium market.”
So two guys who want to see Biden elected have taken money from the Russian government. This, mind you, after Weaver has spent years spewing unfounded accusations about Trump being a Russian agent, while the other guy helped Russia buy uranium leading up to the infamous Uranium One deal.
So John ‘All roads lead to Putin’ Weaver was consulting for a company founded by… Putin, owned by the government run by… Putin.

In fact, Weaver’s Twitter history is littered with Trump-Putin references, when he himself took money from Putin’s apparatus.
Below is a small sample of pages upon pages of Russia fear mongering. Give it a look before he deletes them.

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Online only schooling in Fall, California


    • California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday ordered all counties in the state to close all bars and the indoor operations of businesses including restaurants, movie theaters and museums, as Covid-19 cases continue to climb.
    • The businesses will be allowed to operate outdoors, if possible, except for bars, he said. 
    • In addition to the statewide order, Newsom said he would also close indoor operations for fitness centers, worship services, personal care services, malls, offices, hair salons and barbershops for 30 counties on California’s monitoring list, which represent 80% of the state’s population.

    LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) – The superintendent for the Los Angeles Unified School District announced Monday that students will not return to the classroom when the fall semester begins next month because of the surge in coronavirus cases across the Southland.

    LAUSD Superintendent Austin Beutner said that the fall semester will begin Aug. 18. However, student learning will begin online only, with no students returning to in-person classes.
    Along with LAUSD, the San Diego Unified School District will also begin its fall semester in a virtual format. The two districts released a joint statement confirming the move.
    “Both districts will continue planning for a return to in-person learning during the 2020-21 academic year, as soon as public health conditions allow,” the statement read.

    Beutner did not provide an estimate regarding when in-person classes might resume.
    “The right way to reopen schools is to make sure there’s a robust system of testing and contact tracing to mitigate the risk for all in the school community,” Beutner said in a video address Monday.
    All this comes after United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), the union which represents LAUSD teachers, announced Saturday that of 18,000 members who took part in a poll, 83% voted against physically reopening schools to students. The union applauded LAUSD’s announcement the correct move in light of the circumstances.

    “It was the right thing to close school campuses then, and it’s the right thing to keep them closed now,” UTLA President Cecily Myart-Cruz said in a statement. “In the face of the alarming spike in COVID cases, the lack of necessary funding from the government to open schools safely, and the outsized threat of death faced by working class communities of color, there really is no other choice that doesn’t put thousands of lives at risk.

    Schools statewide began operating remotely in mid-March, with students using programs such as Zoom and Google Classroom to connect with their teachers and complete their course work to finish out the 2019-20 academic year. LAUSD itself closed campuses on March 16.
    LAUSD — the second largest district in the nation — serves more than 600,000 students at more than 1,000 schools. It employs about 75,000 people.

    Several nearby districts appear to be leaning towards offering students a choice. Santa Ana Unified in Orange County approved a plan under which students could decide whether to learn solely online or under a hybrid model in which they would be in the classroom a few days a week and meet online the rest of the time. Under the hybrid model, no more than 15 students would be in class at a time.

    Las Virgenes Unified – which serves parts of Calabassas, Hidden Hills and Ventura County – announced a similar plan.

    Last week, President Donald Trump pressured states to reopen schools this fall despite the spike in coronavirus cases both in Southern California and nationwide. Through Sunday, L.A. County has reported 133,549 cases and 3,322 deaths from the disease.

    UTLA has released a research paper which details what guidelines it believes must be met before students can safely return to class. It also said the district needs more state and federal funding to be able to effectively meet those guidelines.

    Posted by: the daily messenger | July 9, 2020

    David Dees…RIP

    I just found out about Dave’s death, this art warrior for truth. 

    Dave Dees, RIP
    Dave Mcgowan RIP
    stop taking our friends away!

    Illness and death

    In a 9 March 2020 email to subscribers, Dees announced that he had just been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma cancer and that he had declined any orthodox medical treatment for his condition. He sent 2 further subscriber emails, both providing upbeat news of his fight against the disease. He passed away on 28 May 2020. 

    so many my brother, are leaving us.

    Posted by: the daily messenger | July 4, 2020

    Trump: ‘We Only Kneel to Almighty God’

    Posted by: the daily messenger | July 2, 2020

    UMass Nursing Dean Fired For Saying "Everyone’s Life Matters"

    Everyone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life MattersEveryone’s Life Matters
    Posted by: the daily messenger | July 2, 2020

    Evil Mossad witch Maxwell arrested.

    That only took a year.

    Posted by: the daily messenger | June 28, 2020

    Trans surgery ends in suicide, 7 out of 10 cases, within first 3 months.

    Typical story…download and enlarge
    Posted by: the daily messenger | June 27, 2020

    Covid is being spread by tests…do NOT test

    click to enlarge
    Posted by: the daily messenger | June 26, 2020

    They are really ramping up the alien thing

    Posted by: the daily messenger | June 25, 2020

    Chop Chaz Ends

    Posted by: the daily messenger | June 25, 2020

    CHAZ larp police are BEST police (like way better than US police)

    Posted by: the daily messenger | June 25, 2020

    Plastic Chinese veggies

    They lynched their own entire brand over this.

    This was the “Last straw” for a lot of people. NASCAR inexplicably raised the highest possible national-emergency alarm about this, without even a moments hesitation, involved their entire catalog of drivers past and present, blitzkrieged social media about it, and had a ceremonial
    >”Push Bubbas car to the front of the pack”
    at the ‘race’ in Talladega last week. It was a total-war SJW scenario for them, they pulled zero stops.

    This blew up in their face so bad people will study this in the future

    Every Single One of these High Profile racism against the black man by mean old whitey has again, turned out to be a hoax stage by the alleged victim. Ala Jussie Smolett.

    From ‘conspiracy theory’ to ‘fact’…
    A ‘noose’ which was ‘found hanging in NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace’s garage’ turns out to be a garage pull which has been there since October, 2019 – while Wallace was assigned that garage last week, according to the FBI.

    why do they think we won’t find out the truth?

    Of course, the outrage mob – including LeBron James – whipped up racial division over the non-incident in a tweet which has received 66,000 ‘likes,’ while the hashtag #iStandWithBubba trended on Twitter.

    “On Monday, fifteen FBI special agents conducted numerous interviews regarding the situation at Talladega Superspeedway,” reads an FBI statement. “After a thorough review of the facts and evidence surrounding this event, we have concluded that no federal crime was committed.”
    “Although the noose is now known to have been in garage number 4 in 2019, nobody could have known Mr. Wallace would be assigned to garage number 4 last week.”

    On Tuesday, Wallace went on The View and called Wallace dismissed what the New York Post framed as ‘conspiracy theories’ over the noose incident being staged, or never happening. The day before, Wallace told Fox Sports reporter Jamie Little “Sorry I’m not wearing my mask, but I wanted to show whoever it was that you’re not going to take away my smile.”
    So – to all you Talladega facilities managers, you didn’t take away Bubba’s smile.
    As the outrage mob frothed over yet another fake noose incident, cooler heads began to circulate the ‘garage pull’ evidence – long before the FBI cracked the case mind you.

    from the internet

    Jussie Wallace is got some ‘splaining to do….

    Oh, never mind, he doesn’t.
    He’s a black raciss.

     * * *
    think we all knew this was going to be the outcome.  How many ‘fake noose’ incidents get filed every single year?  Every damn one of them turn out to be a hoax.  But you can bet your sweet *** that you won’t see this news on CNN or MSNBC or NYT.  They will just move on to the next hoax.
    * * * 

    Another attention whore. I guess NASCAR is OK with a lying, piece of **** driver?

    * * *
    His mother is on record saying other NASCAR drivers have called Bubba the “n” word.  This is going to make him especially popular, as if banning the Confederate flag wasn’t enough. The lying cunt.
    * * *
    Another lying No-good Idiot Gruesome Grimy Evil Racist.
    * * * 

    Posted by: the daily messenger | June 22, 2020

    Children, Art & Pizza The satanic left

    Posted by: the daily messenger | June 22, 2020

    Raz Simone aka Solomon Simone (his real name)

    The warlord of Chaz is Raz. Raz, as it turns out, owns several businesses and fronts in the Seattle area.

    • A marijuana dispensary
    • An investment company
    • A real estate brokerage and commodities firm 
    • A AIR BNB properties
    • A bank

    The bank he owns has links to the TADA!


    Here is the detail research. Download and enlarge for the data.

    Posted by: the daily messenger | June 21, 2020

    Trump vs Biden rallies over weekend

    All the polls say Biden is leading Trump. Do you really believe that?

    Apparently Joe could only get 6 people at his rally. TV cameras kept away so as not to embarrass their pedophile pick.

    If Joe is put in the office, it’s not because of him, but the BLACK WOMAN VP pick that will take his place, once he is inaugurated and then heart-attacked.

    That’s what’s really happening here.

    Michelle Obama?

    Hildebeast V2.0?

    So other black tranny nephilim pick? with slits of a demonic snake they are?

    Well it’s just stupid, all the oven dodgers are claiming Trump somehow failed because only thousands of people showed up.

    But their preferred pedophile can only pull 6 people. Pedo Joe’s just super low energy and it’s funny to see our Jewish media carry water for him. Despite his many bribery scandals alone.

    Biden rally 6-19-20

    Trump rally 6-19-20
    Is it still Juneteenth?   Where am I?

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