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Open Borders: An Analogy

Chateau Heartiste

Minnesotans are among the most cucked Whites in America. They could use the lesson of this open borders analogy from Wilkey.

With open borders the numbers essentially become unimportant. What would the USA be like with open borders? Well, move to northern Minnesota and, on the coldest, windiest day of the year prop all your doors open. While you’re at it open up all the windows, too. Feel free to crank up the heating system to max and throw a couple dozen logs on the fire. Your heating bill will skyrocket, but I wouldn’t worry too much about it, because you’re going to freeze to death soon, anyway.

That’s the United States with open borders. People will keep coming until eventually it’s so bad that life here isn’t much better than life in the worst country on the planet. Our “heating system” – i.e., our government and (more importantly) our…

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MAGA Ma’ams

Welcome Back, America

Stay strong, MAGA ladies. Do not apologize. We have your backs.

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Antifa Got Me Banned from America to Destroy My Life and Marriage | Jack…

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America Is Entering A Place We’ve Never Seen Before

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Sounds of Starbucks – Tim Hawkins

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Satanic symbols as magnetic resonance focal points – and on everything

On over 98% of all the buildings in northern Los Angeles, are these same symbols and variations on a theme. It’s always the same thing: A witches circle, very often in groups of three either close together or spread out over the frontice of the building. Everywhere. On every building. In every place. Hundreds and thousands of buildings, many of them refinished just to add this symbol set.

religious symbols of the beast in their temples of greed

What you are looking at his three witches circles (a spoked wheel making 8 points, honoring the 8 witches sabbats of the Satanic path.)

Also, each space between the spokes or sabbat symbols is counted created six spaces. Put three witches circles together and you get…


So they get a two for one deal: the witches circle with 666.

It’s why you see this kind of thing and its myriad variations in groups of three.

And for all the architects to do this, wherever you go, says a great deal about the networks control over every aspect of society, as we’ve been saying for 20 years.

Check it for yourself. Notice how all the exterior remods or new constuction has a witches circle in some stylized fashion on every wall and usually at the highest point of the building. This is so, because symbols attract and transmit energy. And every single living thing that enters such a building has that energy flowing through them.

Of course, you could avoid such places, but in most of the counties of California, THEY ARE ON EVERY SINGLE BUILDING BUILT WITHIN THE LAST 20 YEARS. About 98% of them.

Welcome to the era of the Beast and the scumbag darksiders who happily function within that reality. It is the way of earth, of our time.

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70 – 90 % of all radioactive elements come into the human body through FOOD

The Daily Messenger: 12/14/2013 — ☢ HIGH LEVELS of Radiation ☢ 81.4CPM…

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Dilbert Creator Explains "How To Unhypnotize A Hillary Clinton Supporter"

1. Trump’s Tough Talk Inspires violence: Ask Clinton supporters if they have seen the Project Veritas video of Clinton operatives talking about paying people to incite violence at Trump rallies. The people on the video have been fired, and we haven’t seen violence at Trump rallies since.

2. Temperament: Ask Clinton supporters if they have seen the video of Clinton ranting “Why aren’t I already fifty points ahead?” She looks either inebriated or deranged. Mention that the people who know Trump personally have reported that he is both smart and sane in person. Even his enemies who know him personally don’t claim he has a temperament problem. If he did, is there any chance we wouldn’t have heard about it by now?

3. Trump might insult foreign leaders into a war: Trump and Putin seem to get along fine. Netanyahu said he could work with Trump. Mexico isn’t likely to start a war over trade, or the wall. Trump says North Korea is China’s problem, which is literally the safest thing you could say. And China’s leaders are adults who know Trump says offensive things now and then. China will pursue its own interests, and none of those interests involve going to war over some words. Likewise, other leaders are adults too. They won’t change their foreign policy over some insults.

5. Trump might start a war: Trump owns buildings and property around the world. As a general rule, people who own a lot of real estate don’t start wars because their own assets are at risk. But Clinton is “sponsored” – via the Clinton Foundation and speaking fees  – by defense companies that profit from war. Likewise, Clinton is sponsored by foreign countries whose interests don’t align with American interests. Clinton supported war in Iraq and Libya, and she threatens Russia, just as the money trail suggests she would. Trump talks mostly about having a strong military to avoid war. He gains nothing by war.

6. Alcohol: Normally alcohol would not be a risk factor in picking a president because usually both candidates are social drinkers. But Trump has never had an alcoholic beverage while Clinton tells us she enjoys social drinking. Having a few social drinks is not a problem unless you plan to drive a car…or make a nuclear launch decision. If we don’t trust a social drinker to operate a motor vehicle, can we trust a social drinker to manage a nuclear arsenal?
If you have ever drunk-texted, or received a text from someone who has, you already know how much “social drinking” can influence decisions.

7. Group Violence versus Crazy Individuals: Have you noticed that when you see election-related violence from a group, it is always Clinton supporters? That happened at Trump’s San Jose rally, and it happened with the homeless woman protecting Trump’s star on the Walk of Fame. When Trump supporters do something violent they are usually acting alone, and crazy. When Clinton supporters get violent it comes in the form of mobs who are NOT crazy. That’s the dangerous kind of violence because they are literally Stronger Together.

8. Pacing and Leading: When normal politicians change their minds we label it flip-flopping or – more kindly – “evolving” in their thinking. When a Master Persuader does it, you are seeing pacing and leading, which is a major tool of persuasion. Pacing involves matching people – in this case emotionally – and later using that bond to lead them. We see Trump doing this often.

a. Trump paced his base by saying he would deport 11 million undocumented immigrants. Once he had his base on his side emotionally, he led to them to his current policy of deporting only the people who committed crimes while here. Have you heard any Trump supporters complain about it lately?

b. Trump paced his base by saying he would ban all Muslim immigration to stop terrorist infiltration. Once he had them on his side emotionally, he led them first to a ban on specific problem countries, and then again to “extreme vetting,” which is a lot like Clinton’s plan. Trump supporters followed, and you don’t hear them complaining.

c. Early in the primaries Trump paced the racists in the Republican party by not disavowing them as clearly and as loudly as even the racists thought he would. Since then he has led Republicans to think that some form of a “New Deal” for African-Americans might be worth a look.

d. At the Republican National Convention, Trump used his emotional connection to his supporters to declare he was the strongest voice to protect the LGBTQ community. Republicans stood and cheered.

Months ago, Adams predicted that Trump would soften his immigration proposals, as he saw him from the start as a Master Persuader, not a crazy person, and not a common flip-flopper.

In my opinion, Trump might be the safest president we have ever had.

He can lead the dark parts of his base toward the light (as Nixon went to China) and he has no incentive for war.

Claims about his “temperament” are mostly about his penchant for insults, and that isn’t a mortal danger to anyone.

The satanists. Currently using the democratic party as their political operations vector. And the world suffers for it.

“Democrats obliterated their own breaker in the space of two weeks with the ambush of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh,” Strassel writes, displaying some of the “vilest political tactics ever seen in Washington, with no regard for who or what they damaged or destroyed along the way.”

And despite support for insurgent Democratic candidates such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Andrew Gillum sweeping voters off their feet during primaries, Democrats have been running candidates with conservative credentials,” or “candidates who can’t run fast enough from liberal positions.”

And at the end of the day, no matter how midterms turn out – “save for Joe Biden, every current leading contender for the Democratic nomination either was a ringleader of the Kavanaugh spectacle (Sens. Cory “Spartacus” Booker and Kamala Harris) or is a progressive icon (Ms. Warren, Mr. Sanders, Kirsten Gillibrand).”

come illegally, take all you can get, then hate the hand that feeds you
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“Have I now become your enemy by telling you the truth?

Our Spiritual World: “Have I now become your enemy by telling you the t…: Galatians 4:16 It’s always been my experience that when people ask me questions and I come straight to the point, honestly of cour…
Higher education is a joke. Even worse, the admin of Evergreen  college had a meeting, where the white women were cornered, threatened, and yelled at if they didn’t grant BLM everything it wanted. Which was and is, NO WHITE PEOPLE THERE AGAIN – AS EITHER STUDENT OR FACULTY – EVER, EVER AGAIN. OR WHITE PEOPLE GONNA DIE.

It’s amazing how easy lesbian feminist witches not only agreed to these demands, but also stood with the BLM thugs and added their ironically white voice to KILL WHITEY, KILL WHITEY. It is something to see…fat white feminists screaming KILL WHITEY, KILL THE CRACKER!

You first honey. You go first, set the example for your satan.


How messed up is our university system that this is the new normal for higher education in our time. 

A college degree now means nothing in the west. Not a thing. When you have in play satanists rolling over and getting happily F’d in the buttocks by rage filled monsters and killers and then these same cucks and SJWs are handing out degrees? What? To wipe our butts with?

Evergreen, a well known CIA front company and campus (look it up, it’s on google), is setting the satanic standard for all other leftist, fascist, and completely idiotic schools that take in 40 thousand dollars a year to teach what? How to be a spineless, do nothing coward?

Welcome to the NWO globalist plan for our children – spineless cowards with no minds that critically think, but are easily programmed by angry and extremely vicious lesbian witches. Oh yes, they wear their “tells” for all to see, if you know what to look for.

God Bless Trump for denouncing the global warming scam for what it is, and publicly denouncing this whole leftist freakout for what it is, turning our young people into mangina cowards.


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Your Retarded blog host is tard with sharp knife…

The villagedork has it while making a juice. Well, at least i juiced my thumb

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End of Days �� Full Documentary (2017)

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Don’t Be A Sucker by being a ANTIFA, SATANIC, RACIST STOOGE

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Queer College Professor Stabbed his Boyfriend 70 TIMES just to Watch Him Die

When queers can no longer get off on their perverted sex acts, like serial killers, they have to take it up a notch! This is the result of demon possessed homosexuals! Oh, and this queer was teaching your children and had help!
See this recent news that is similar Queer Male Stripper Stabs Queer Cannibal Lover killing him
Daily CallerThe now-former Northwestern University professor who horrifically and maniacally slaughtered his boyfriend to death was acting out an extravagant, vicious plot he conceived in an online classroom along with an Oxford University employee, prosecutors say.
Look at the eyes of Homo killer Wyndham Lathem and then look at the eyes of the killers at the end of this excerpt!

self confessed satanists and homo lovers…and blood ritual murders. And the school knew this and allowed these…things…to teach your children their “values.”

The microbiology professor, Wyndham Lathem, was a faculty researcher at Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago when he allegedly committed the heinous crime inside his “sophisticated and timeless” downtown Chicago condo.
The murder victim was Trenton H. James Cornell-Duranleau, a 26-year-old hairdresser.
At a bond hearing on Sunday, Cook County prosecutors told a judge how they believe Lathem, 43, and his accomplice, 56-year-old British national Andrew Warren, planned and executed the gruesome killing, according to the Chicago Tribune.
For several months in their online chats, prosecutors say, Lathem and Warren discussed their desire to murder at least one random person and then kill themselves as part of a bizarre sex fantasy.
It was Lathem’s job to select the murder victim. He chose his twentysomething boyfriend, Cornell-Duranleau.
Lathem and Warren murdered Cornell-Duranleau in the wee hours of July 27. Read the rest at the Daily Caller.

Yes, that’s right. The house next door is used as a safe house some 30 times a year, always with different people, for a day or two, who then vanish. It’s more a hotel without being a hotel. For satanic agendas they don’t want the guests being on the books for.

Well, last week, we got cat lady with a huge amount of cat cages. Rescuing them, she said. It was until Mike disappeared that it hit me what was going on.

You see, They’ve got women out stealing dogs and cats for animal sacrifices. The covens need them and their people go out and steal them, rather than buy them. You can only buy so many without attracting suspicion. When you steal…you can get ten or twenty at a pop, plus you get all the loss and pain of the owners that adds to their magical intent. They get to tap into and milk all that pain. The lady then delivers the kidnapped animals to the various covens in the valley, then leaves. It’s her job for the satanic network. There are women like her everywhere, and they usually run humane society outlets, shelters, etc. It’s a perfect cover for having a car load of cats.

My relationship with the coven on this street has been live and let live. But, this isn’t the only time they done things to hurt my family. Pray our heavenly father brings justice to these devils, I beg you.

Safe House 25 del valle oak view ca

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